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STR vs TDB War Decleration


Im sorry next time i attack 1 of your members i Will only send attacks at 1 villa no matter if i have church or not. Seems like this players is New to this game. Its normal to take a Barb to get Church or chapelflash most players/tribes do it when you enter a enemy province. Its also normal to send fakes. Dont belive we sent so many fakes Either. They stopped playing before we got the time to do it:(


I do completely agree with you. nobling a barbarian village to get a church in that province is a normal strategy. aiming for inactives is a normal strategy. I am only regurgitating what my front line southern members told me. you guys did exactly what you should have done. and my front lines i eblieve were good players but also new to the game. they couldnt handle what you guys dished out and its sad but true. they didnt know what true war in this game feels like and thought they did. hell i put trust in them that they could handle it and they fell short. but thats more to put on me. I should have given them more advice and been more thorough in there plans in the south. but yeah you could have sent way more fakes to them and given them hell and you didnt. so honestly I was really disapointed when they were frustrated with your tactics in the south since they are literally normal tactics to this game that you used. and you could have gone harder on them


Yeah it gets frustrating when people quit. Why we are lucky to have formed a core of players we know will finish the worlds...its very valuable.
Good luck on your next world..and you can always look us up. Most of us were enemies at some point.