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Sabotage players


still 20 accounts below 200 points is still multiaccounting?


hey, It's not 6. it's almost 20 below 200 points
and my account was not banned :)
omg really, i've send support like 5 mails with enough evidence to ban you for good. Sees how much effort they do..


he lies atleast 6 of them where allready above 400 points and had all troops in his main village
sadly, It's true. EN20 realm was suspended, not banned. they want me to pick main accounts to play(It's really funny rule). the funniest thing is this. there's an innocent player-You think It's me but It was not me. anyway, He was banned. He doesn't know ticket system. so TW2 lose a potential customer. I am playing stellaris now. and I will play this game again, but I don't think that guy play this game again. what a stupid policy.

suspension = you can play few days later.
ban = you can't log-in


22:57 magic mushroom: OKAY doc
22:57 magic mushroom: hands up
22:57 magic mushroom: total Stolen goods?
22:57 DoctorEvil: what is this a stick up
22:58 magic mushroom: yes
22:58 DoctorEvil: iv not really been farming much
22:58 magic mushroom: an excuse?

is this an excuse or no excuse?

@Phantomn, pryda is just a good friend of mine that saw you get blowed to pieces.... litterly. Me and some dudes played, capture the flag... we captured a lot of flags xD