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Let's close it!


75,09% let's close this realm officially.

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Oh, so SFU won this realm? o_O

WWwwwWait a second... they lost? How could that happen.. it's IMPOSSIBLE! :eek:

Guys, you have to submit reports, there is something definitely wrong here. :rolleyes:
It doesn't close instantly after dom. Is declared.
I think there's a 7 - 10 day hold period where it must remain over 75%
Of course that'll happen but that's the usual protocol
Wish they had a bot for cell users I like to see how it works. I Think I could handle a inactive coop if I wasn't lagging so bad

Does that mean SFP are gonna abandon 9 or 10 of their players in their tribe as when dom locks they can't move to - V -

Absolute shameful
If so.
Can we have an sfp player here ?
In Majestic to confirm or rebuke that?

If they are leaving active team mates for the Win.
That's just made the Finns plummet in my ranking of them, not like they were high anyway but that's an absolute tribal wars no-no

Good bye reputation lol

Lol @ the 10 or 15 geto dacii members who are getting a win on the board and their 200crowns
Though they haven't played in about 6months lmao that's funny

I don't wanna come across as salty I'm still fighting against some noobs on my border having fun and all

But I am a tiny bit pissed about the fact I resisted like 2/3 rds of dacii for about 3months and some of these errrr
Regular players wink
Are technically according the realm rankings have beaten Me.

Shenanigans !
And poppycock ....

In other words
Total bollocks. :p
Hi! It would be more interesting if you didn't lose on purpose as soon as you figured out our mental disabilities. But it worth a lot anyway, thanks! :D


I wasn't talking about sfu was talking about the Finns
Pointless deflecting. I asked for an sfp member in majestic to clarify
I highly doubt they'll answer me.
Don't go running to their defense.
It's cringey
It was the fair deal. Some quantity of most active players were invited. Everyone knew he has a chance to join. Everyone knew he has a chance to be kicked out. So... what is a problem? Some players wanted to win, some players wanted to improve their skills and just to have some fun. Want to win? Noble barbs! :)
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But the public who know what they've done will judge them accordingly
Active players win. That's all. You know that most players don't play 'till the end of realm. Many accounts live just because of co-ops. So THEY (who left the game) are traitors. And they will lose. It's ok.