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TOP 5 TRIBES Standing

Barb Noblers.jpg


We won mate, valder..
Whit barbarians or not.. Bash Points is important
We have some milions.. So, DAC is The Best tribe.. Whit The Best leader... Chill
I don t know if we have a very good leader or we fought with weak players :))))) where is kubatsu who has our spam? Who rode our spam, who have spies in Dac and who conquered 60 barbs?:))))
At the beginning you were very sure that you ll win,what happened now?
this forum is hilarious. really nice of both of u to point out that both sides are nobling barbs. it is, however, completely free to not be like this gica guy and be mega salty on the forums for no reason
i understand why milo the traitor conquered barbarians, he has no colleagues capable of fighting, just capable to cheat :pPP
so true, russians turned out to be a joke, won't even take villages from me when I push the front line forward, such bad players. KABUTSO eating 500 point barbs, not very smart

funny that you call me a traitor though, I asked for help for a long time and nobody would come help or work with me in the south. I wasn't going to stay loyal to a tribe that wasn't interested in working with me. Turned out to be a very bad decision though :p Well done che and all of DAC.
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Based on our calculations tribe DAC has reached the 70% domination. Please go ahead with the closing procedures. Thank you.

Wow, called and not even 80% for an hour? It was over, just funny how things happen these days. Some take weeks others they can't even hold 80% for an hour and it is called.
The server is 78.25% now, it's not 80%. Doesn't matter, glad it's done, grats DAC, cheers everyone. OK, everyone but -V-, cowards.
Yes, it dropped because you joined a tribe but no problem, we will do 80% or more again :))
The world will close soon, we have already received the award crowns.
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”Open date: October 20, 2020
World Type: Domination 75%
Troop relocation: Disabled ”

and we wooon, like i said in the past
a nice word , except milo s betrayal and russians conceit :p
Not saying you won't/didn't win, just surprised at how fast they closed the world and gave the awards. I have seen it take weeks and have been dropped from 3rd rank during that time. A little consistency would be nice.
The turning point was the WRU Mayth, Mitch saga, and the alliance against DAC being broken. With Key players, joining DAC from WRU, without that happening this could have gone on for another 6 months
I agree, the war against Majestic, Druids and WRU was very hard, we were almost 100 players vs almost 250, if wru players would not have agrees with this merge, probably majestic druid would have won, Anyway, it was our mistake to belive that druid and majestic are not on the same side at the beginning, and milo, if he hadn t betrayed us, , probably the world have ended at least a month ago :pP