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TOP 5 TRIBES Standing

009 post jan 23, 2021.png

Druids Of Paranor (DOP)
Tribe level:
36 (+7)
Points: 6,249,830 (+1,723,705)
Members: 61 (+17)
Villages: 1,256 (+326)
Off Bash: 17,672,240 (+4,777,230)
Def Bash: 16,657,687 (+3,577,711)

Rank #1. It has been an incredible week for Druids! They have gained so much! Tribe levels, points, villages, members, Bash. Now with 30 players in top 100 fair to say that Druids went well through their "trial by fair" and only the best ones lasted and finally surpassed DAC to the #1 position.

level: 26 (+1)
Points: 6,249,754 (+577,446)
Members: 93 (+1)
Villages: 1,361 (+109)
Off Bash: 38,864,155 (+3,122,276)
Def Bash: 25,249,377 (+1,156,654)

Rank #2. DAC has shown steady growth and bash, same old angry Romanians fighting the world. 38 players in top 100 going head to head with the #1 position.

Warriors United (WRU)
Tribe level:
32 (-1)
Points: 3,654,388 (-1,196,871)
Members: 55 (-37)
Villages: 554 (-301)
Off Bash: 10,070,951 (-1,174,965)
Def Bash: 8,071,607 (-370,033)

Rank #3. This week was marked by the downfold of WRU. A little insider introduction: some WRU leaders got tempted by DAC, the loyal allies of DOP has joined them, others decided to backstab them launching 35 minute trains at their fellow allies. DOP unleashed with rage, the rest is the history. 58 vs 6 conquest village count since the war broke in favor of Druids. Still 15 players in top 100, but for how long? I personally doubt that WRU will hold third rank by the end of the next week.

Majestic (-V-)
Tribe level
: 30
Points: 2,210,503 (+291,529)
Members: 20
Villages: 413 (+48)
Off Bash: 10,179,405 (+1,344,250)
Def Bash: 7,134,975 (+1,380,343)

Rank #4. Solid week for Majestic . Great growth and bash, again highest numbers per player. 10 players in top 100.

Rage Inducing Empire (HUG)
Tribe level
: 21
Points: 548,351
Members: 27
Villages: 204
Off Bash: 1,093,556
Def Bash: 1,263,828

Rank #5. This week HUG reached tribe level 21 and made it to top 5 ranking list. Small tribe that grow their troops and enjoying non-engagement policy.


This concludes TOP 5 tribe ranking.
010 post Jan 30, 2021.png

The Majestic Druids (TMD)
Tribe level:
39 (+3)
Points: 8,548,623 (+2,298,793)
Members: 71 (+10)
Villages: 1,660 (+404)
Off Bash: 29,867,074 (+12,194,834)
Def Bash: 29,148,152 (+12,490,465)

Rank #1. -V- and DOP became one tribe under the new name of The Majestic Druids. Gained some tribe levels. Hard to distinguish actual growth and bash gains, but overall huge improvement in both. 35 players in top 100.

level: 31 (+5)
Points: 8,341,083 (+2,091,329)
Members: 114 (+21)
Villages: 1,791 (+430)
Off Bash: 48,171,768 (+9,307,613)
Def Bash: 32,572,044 (+7,322,667)

Rank #2. DAC merge with WRU and gained some tribe levels. Big gains in growth and bash. 45 players in top 100 now.

After both tribes finish merger we will see detailed map with territory gains which will be done biweekly from now on. This is it, ladies and gentlemen, this is the finish line for 2 main contestants of the realm, but we can only have one winner!


This concludes TOP 2 tribe ranking.

A few honorable mentions.

Warriors United (WRU) has merged with DAC some players stayed in order to manipulate inactive coop players.

Majestic (-V-) became one with TMD.

Rage Inducing Empire (HUG) chilling on the rim, not much fighting going on.
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012 post Fen 13, 2021 (edited).png

The Hexagons indicate the shift in province control with villages taken by one tribe from another, barbs conquest disregarded.
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white- HUG, red-TMD, green- DAC, violet- WRU


Tribe level: 41 (+10)
15,323,309 (+6.892.226)
113 (-1)
2806 (+1015)
Off bash:
90.573.118 (+42.401.350)
Def bash:
59.168.653 (+26.596.609)


Tribe level: 42 (+3)
Points: 13,404,663 (+4.856.040)
Members: 75 (+4)
2417 (+757)
Off bash:
56.521.252 (+26.654.178)
Def bash:
76.014.870 (+46.866.718

All this changes in a single month.
The bashes say everything there is to say.
One question for TMD, how many barbarians you will conquer? Yeah, DAC conquered barbarians too, but not in this way, no no no
Thanks for the update, this is ugliest map I've ever seen, btw. You must be color blind or something.

We didn't plant any spies in your tribe on purpose, people just step up and said they didn't want to play with assholes.

The comment about barbs coming from DAC mouth is nothing but a joke, you have players that have eaten nothing but the barbs.
And mention that we need bot to win another idiotic comment.

Should I show you 15 same second attacks on dozens of villages? Yeah, great team work and skill from DAC, very very REALISTIC, not a bot at all.

Just stop being a two face pus, Gica, will you?
@darth vader do you want more? this is the reason why david, kubatsu,suggestions are in top 10 in this world, me with 36 villages i have more off bash than each of them, and you know what? i m not even playing seriorusly :))))

oops, another one, just internals and barbarians, THIS IS YOU LEVEL SINCE THE BEGINNING, DOP WAS WEAK, Majestic was good, but DOP was tr*sh :)))))
and what about bots? you are talking about bots? :)) you and your tribe who use them? pathetic, stay calm, we don t need bots to beat you, neither money or what you use to trying to beat us