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TOP 5 TRIBES Standing

post Nov 22, 2020.png

Tribe: level 22
Points: 827,686
Members: 96
Villages: 326
Off Bash: 2,944,590
Def Bash: 877,929

A Romanian invasion takes # 1 rank. Firm grip on North-East core, scattered presence in other Kingdoms. High bash points and 33 members in top 100 indicate aggressive spirit of the tribe that eager to dominate this realm. Can they make it happen? We’ll find out in the future posts.

Druids Of Paranor (DOP)
Tribe level: 19
Points: 677,738
Members: 65
Villages: 287
Off Bash: 1,797,934
Def Bash: 422,889

Veteran players of EN sit on # 2 rank. Great spread in North-West and South-West with 29 members in top 100. High offensive bash and low defensive bash indicate that tribe didn't have much resistance or participated in major conflicts so far.

S.A.S. sicari (SAS)
Tribe level: 13
Points: 389,169
Members: 58
Villages: 186
Off Bash: 623,588
Def Bash: 292,459

Tribe # 3 rank. Based in South-East with 12 members in top 100. Low bash, low tribe level, first impression typical MRT. Can they prove me wrong? Will see.

Oh no! (yum)
Tribe level: 15
Points: 379,898
Members: 29
Villages: 134
Off Bash: 1,329,444
Def Bash: 788,339

Tribe # 4 rank. Small group of fighters that started in the core. 19 members in top 100. High defensive bash indicates that they’ve been pressured a lot in this early days, probably by top 1 bully.

Deep West (DpW)
Tribe level: 7
Points: 230,984
Members: 25
Villages: 72
Off Bash: 8,819
Def Bash: 1,676

The best team work award goes to Deep West rank #5. With 72 villages present only in 4 provinces in South-West. 3 members in top 100 including top 1 player jbarber9. No bash points so far, but mass troop production.


That concludes top 5 tribe ranking.​

A few honorable mentions.

The best troll award goes to the tribe DEEP WEST MUST DIE (WmD) located in the same provinces as Deep West with a total of 5,865 Bash Points.

The biggest crowner award goes to Warriors United (WRU) with world highest tribe level 24 and a nice spread on the North West rim.

Last but not least Majestic (-V-), a small Russian elite group that just landed on South East rim to prove themselves on EN non-relocation domination world.


Special thanks to Bramvana for help in making this post!


Oh that's not an arm my friend. We worked very hard to make it look like something else.
Great thread, these threads make the game even better however, DOP are going to with this one, mark my words

- Former WRU member: Fallujah


Jesus mitchaus.. You said youR tribe that we have NAP.. canta bre la alta masa ca nu tine sunteți niște îngâmfați pe care o sa va batem precum hannibal la Canne, despre ce sa discutam
We set you guys... You said you would talk to Council and let me know.. Never heard back from you again.. Have tried messaging you since still no reply.. And then your guys start attacking us. So yes we set you as NAP but obviously it was only one sided since you weren't interested.
Jesus mitchaus.. You said youR tribe that we have NAP.. canta bre la alta masa ca nu tine sunteți niște îngâmfați pe care o sa va batem precum hannibal la Canne, despre ce sa discutam
Singurul lucru pe care îl veți bate este unul pe celălalt .. Nu vă subestimați niciodată dușmanul.
post Nov 28, 2020.png

Tribe level: 22
Points: 1,382,955 (+555,269)
Members: 99 (+3)
Villages: 485 (+159)
Off Bash: 5,607,286 (+2,662,696)
Def Bash: 2,167,833 (+1,289,904)

Rank #1. Romanians are on fire! Doubled their bash points both defensively and offensively during the past week. Much of that has to do with complete annihilation of last week rank #4 tribe Oh no! (yum) forcing the majority of them to quit the realm. With 39 members in top 100 and #1 player of the world che guevara, DAC continue its push for the core!

Druids Of Paranor (DOP)
Tribe level:
24 (+5)
Points: 1,312,685 (+634,947)
Members: 78 (+13)
Villages: 471 (+184)
Off Bash: 3,613,999 (+1,816,065)
Def Bash: 1,209,316 (+786,427)

Rank #2. Impressive growth from Druids Of Paranor gaining 5 tribe levels and almost doubling its size during the past week. This guys haven't been sitting around but gathering a coalition against the rank #1 invaders. The bash grew more than twofold showing signs of finally engaging in macro wars in this world. With 37 players in top 100 can they challenge the top dog?

S.A.S. sicari (SAS)
Tribe level:
Points: 488,934 (+99,765)
Members: 57 (-1)
Villages: 207 (+21)
Off Bash: 1,131,483 (+507,895)
Def Bash: 913,561 (+621,102)

Rank #3. Are those guys still around? While loosing most of their core players and with 10 players remaining in top 100 SAS hangs on to the 3rd position.

Warriors United (WRU)
Tribe level: 26
Points: 239,025 (+145,246)
Members: 47 (+11)
Villages: 168 (+74)
Off Bash: 547,501 (+297,189)
Def Bash: 478,160 (+291,021)

Rank #4. Huge growth and a comfortable position on the north west rim puts the biggest tribe level of the world among the top 5 tribes.

Druid Killers aka Deep West (DpW)
Tribe level:
Points: 181,308 (-49,676)
Members: 22 (-3)
Villages: 63 (-9)
Off Bash: 227,748 (+218,929)
Def Bash: 7,618 (+5,942)

Rank #5. After loosing top 3 players of the tribe to DOP, Druid Killers aka Deep West lashed out in relentless attack gaining most of its bash points during past week. Can they perform on the big boys arena or will that be the end of them? For some reason I am inclined to the latter.


That concludes top 5 tribe ranking.

An few honorable mentions.

I have a good feeling that I will be covering this tribe next week Majestic (-V-). Steady growth but most importantly doubled tribe level indicate serious intentions of this folks.

Bye-bye Oh no! (yum), you guys fought well.
post Dec 5, 2020.png

level: 23 (+1)
Points: 2,079,612 (+696,657)
Members: 100 (+1)
Villages: 632 (+147)
Off Bash: 9,717,105 (+4,109,819)
Def Bash: 3,480,478 (+1,312,645)

Rank #1. Another week of great growth from Romanians! Almost doubled their bash points and reached 100 members during the past week. With 45 members in top 100 and #1 player of the world che guevara, DAC declares war on the entire world!

Druids Of Paranor (DOP)
Tribe level:
28 (+4)
Points: 1,841,069 (+528,384)
Members: 79 (+1)
Villages: 564 (+93)
Off Bash: 5,452,974 (+1,838,975)
Def Bash: 2,755,496 (+1,546,180)

Rank #2. Druids Of Paranor gaining another 4 tribe levels and keeping steady pace on second position. Tribe showed great bash growth past week as well. With 36 members in top 100 DOP is going through a "Trail by Fire"! Will they make it or die in flames before massive DAC forces? Only time can tell.

S.A.S. sicari (SAS)
Tribe level:
Points: 452,162 (-36,772)
Members: 53
Villages: 186 (-21)
Off Bash: 1,385,486 (+254,003)
Def Bash: 1,554,150 (+640,589)

Rank #3. Keep loosing people, keep loosing villages, keep loosing points. With 4 members in top 100, the only thing this tribe seems to be gaining is Def Bash. Will be surprised if they make it to top 5 by the end of the next week.

Warriors United (WRU)
Tribe level:
27 (+1)
Points: 443,722 (+204,697)
Members: 47
Villages: 227 168 (+59)
Off Bash: 886,758 (+339,257)
Def Bash: 586,943 (+108,783)

Rank #4. Another double growth from WRU. Not much fighting going on. 6 members in top 100 just chilling on the rim reserving their troops for some future actions.

Silent Assassins (S/A)
Tribe level:
Points: 365,121 (+231,377)
Members: 65 (+26)
Villages: 199 (+108)
Off Bash: 700,702 (+430,540)
Def Bash: 830,254 (+270,556)

Rank #5. The merge of Eastern rim cultivated S/A break into top 5 tribes this week. 2 members even made it to top 100.


That concludes top 5 tribe ranking.

A few honorable mentions.

My hopes of making a cover for this potentially deadly tribe this week have failed. No worries, I will be patiently waiting till you make it to top 5. Steady growth, without too much action so far. Majestic (-V-)

Bye-bye Druid Killers and Druid Slayers , you guys did not fought well at all.



me, I don't understand what you're playing.
Mithaus gathers a few more, maybe you'll be able to fight the lions of my tribe.
you are 6 tribes against us, that is, a kind of all in.


there will never be an alliance between lions and humans.
bring more players to balance the map, we got to you on the map, let's see what happens
If DAC will lose finally, will lose just because of the huge number of enemyes, not because we have some quality enemies, with some exceptions

2 3 4 1 some examples, few examples, just for today, there have been many attacks like these, in the recent days

99 players vs ? 273 players, almost 3 times more, not fair, but this is the map

10.731.688 offensive bash points(DAC)

10.166.663 Off bash points (DOP+WRU+S/A+SAS+-V-+POT)

That is the level :))))

Atacked from every side, but atacking back with more power, this is DAC

btw,sorry for my english, you know, i m romanian :pPPPP