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General Discussion Mespelbrunn (EN91)

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Tribal Wars 2 Team
Dear players,

This thread was created with the special purpose of promoting a healthy discussion space regarding general matters of the Mespelbrunn realm. In this line, please bear in mind our forum rules when you post your comments.

Have great discussions!
Your Tribal Wars 2 Team


i have the power to completely obliberatre this world if i choose to
i am yet undecided
but dont get your hopes up boys because i will simply stomp all of you if i choose to
youll hate me even more

A new realm is upon us and I look forward to this fresh start. I have also set up a discord server for any and all players to join... If you wish to join Here is a 7 day join link (please note it is new so not a lot of people are there yet) Feel free to share with your friends as well
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Not open for further replies.