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Tribal Wars 2 Forum rules

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Forum Rules

These rules are created to ensure our forums are a safe, clear, and fun place for our players to come to learn about Tribal Wars 2, meet other players, and enhance the gaming experience. All rules will be enforced equally and fairly. Trolling will not be tolerated, anyone working against the building of this community will be removed. All forum posters are responsible for reading and following all the rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be permitted as an excuse for breaking them. Please feel free to contact the Community manager or Co-Community Manager(s) should you have any questions about these rules.


Tribal Wars 2 has a multitude of servers that entertain players in the most common languages. Please note this server is an international one and therefore communication should be in english only. Please limit other languages to quotes or provide a correct translation.
Anything deemed politically extreme, pornographic, illegal, or unsavory in any way, as determined by the support staff, is prohibited.
Racist or ethnic bashing comments are forbidden even if used in jest.
Comments that play down the use of illegal drugs or promote the use of said substances are strictly forbidden.
No use of profanity will be permitted (including masked profanity). Depending on the severity the content may be deleted or edited.
Personal insults are not allowed anywhere in this forum, including and private messages. (Optional: This also applies to the reputation comments)
Do not harass other people through use of private messages. All forum rules also apply to private messages unless stated otherwise.
Content which works against the building of the forum community can be removed at any time for any reason. If you want to know if something is allowed, send a private message to a forum moderator before posting it.

  • Treat each other with respect and remain polite. You are able to use tactical propaganda towards your in-game opponents in the world forums.
  • Users are not allowed to impersonate moderators, other team members or employees of InnoGames.
  • Spam and off topic comments will be deleted. This includes comments such as “In before Lock” and one word posts.
  • Do not attempt to provoke the moderators.
  • Players who deliberately act against the building of the community will be denied access to these forums.
  • Do not post information regarding the private lives of other users on the forum without their express permission. This includes RL pictures, school/college information etc.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring that the pages they link to, do not contain material that violates the forum rules. Linking content that violates the forum rules is not allowed.
  • Do not use copyrighted materials of any kind in your posts.
  • Double or multiple postings directly after each other should not occur. Sum up your thoughts in a single post.
  • If a player is breaking the rules, do not post about it. Please use the report post link, or in severe cases, contact the support staff. Posting about rule breaking is not allowed.
  • Each Tribal Wars 2 player may only use one account for Forum use, regardless of the number of accounts he or she has in-game.
  • The members of the Tribal Wars 2 support staff may decide to apply and modify the rules as they choose to effectively handle edge cases.
  • Players are not allowed to discuss in-game or forum bans.
  • The moderators have the right to edit or delete posts and close topics. Please follow their instructions.
  • There is no image size restriction, however every image must be placed inside a "spoiler" in order to not disturb the other forum users. Announcements and event posts from the staff may bypass this rule, as well as spaces where images are needed, for example the Bug forum. For information about how to use spoilers please click here: [soon]
  • No animated images are allowed.
P&P (Politics and Propaganda)

The idea of P&P is to post about ongoing conflicts in the attempt to spread information, ideas and even rumors in order to help yourself or harm your opponents. P&P can be a valuable tool on the forums and bring a new element to the game.
For a thread to qualify as P&P, please ensure when creating the topic the P&P prefix is used.
All P&P should be done in character. No personal attacks or flaming are allowed.
Acceptable P&P examples would be “Player Joe is a coward because he hides his troops from our attacks.” or “Castle Black is full of noobs who cannot their arrows straight”
Unacceptable examples: “Player Joe has a court ordered psychiatrist and really needs to get a life. “

  • Topics and/or posts that are created solely for the purpose of advertising other websites without connection to Tribal Wars 2 or InnoGames GmbH are forbidden.
  • "Referrer-ID's" and thief-game-links are not allowed. Discussions relating to other non-browser games are allowed.
Signatures and Avatars
  • Avatars must not be larger then 200 x 200 pixels.
  • Signatures must be a maximum of 100 pixels high, and 500 pixels wide. This also includes any lines of text added to the side or underneath the signature.
  • They both must comply with all other rules.
  • They may not be animated
Information about the support staff

The Moderators (mods) are volunteers recruited by the Community Manager or Co-Community manager. They come in Three Forms:
  • Forum Moderator: Only have rights in the specific forums they moderate, nowhere else. They will moderate fairly and will answer any questions you have that they are able to.
  • Ingame Moderators: Not related to forum moderation in any way. They deal with in-game questions and issues.
  • (It is possible for a moderator to be a forum and in-game moderator at the same time)
  • Senior Moderator: Overseers of the Forum and In game Moderators, these people are the ones to go to if you have a problem with any of the forum or in game level moderation, or if you have any questions on moderation in general.
  • Community Manager/ Co-Community Manager: Is responsible for leading, building and training the support team in the forum and ticket support areas. They are official representatives of InnoGames and are in contact with the game's development team.
Mandatory Behaviour

This section explains issues that occur frequently but are not strictly listed in the rules section. However, since we want this forum to be a friendly place for you to socialize with other players, share your thoughts on the game or simply make some quality conversation, the moderation staff asks you to read and understand the following items. Please note that the moderation staff has the task of keeping this forum tidy and friendly, so the following points are very important. Moderators will act on infringements!

On Posting and your fellow players
  • Do not include lots of unnecessary quotations, as they can disrupt the flow of your text and make your post harder to read and understand.
  • Avoid double posting! You have access to both the 'edit' and the 'multi-quote' buttons, please use them.
  • Conversations, discussions and arguments between two people should be done in private. Please use the private message system in this forum or other applications (e.g. IRC, skype, …)
  • If you wish to create a topic regarding moderation, please contact the relevant moderator first. Your request may be denied if the moderator does not feel the post will help with building a positive community.Do not insult or degrade any of the moderators in any way. Treat them as you would a normal player – remember they play Tribal Wars 2 too!
  • Please reread your posts before submitting to avoid mistakes. Your text might be read by hundreds of players so make sure it is understandable.
  • It is not allowed to rebuke another user concerning his grammar/spelling. If the grammar/spelling of a user is that bad, report the post.
  • Players are not allowed to discuss in-game or forum bans or rules violations. Please use the report feature for any rules violations and we will address it should be find wrong doing. The reasoning for this is simple. The reason for a specific ban might not be obvious to a regular forum member but the moderators and supporters have tools at their disposal that can show different types of rule breaches or unwanted behaviour. Since those information are internal a case is usually a lot more complex than it might seem. Due to the internal nature of some information a ban can not be publicly discussed by InnoGames staff or volunteers and public discussions therefor lack all the facts and usually end in flame wars or witch hunts - neither of which we want to see on the forums.
On Mods and Moderation
  • If you are unsure as to whether something is against the rules or not, please contact a moderator before you go ahead with it! They will advise you as soon as possible on whether it is allowed on the forum or not.
  • If you have a problem with the moderation of any sub-forum or the forum in general, please do not create a topic or post in public about it. Contact a moderator with your problem and we will either explain the reasons or do our best to solve the problem should one exist. Creating topics and posting about it only serves to increase public unrest and will not solve any problems.
  • If you wish to create a topic regarding moderation, please contact the relevant Mod first.
  • The mods have a very tough job: it can be hard to keep the balance between a clean forum and a fun forum on a daily basis, and they also receive a lot of negative comments and abuse regularly. We would ask that you remain patient with all moderators and that you would be helpful and polite when talking to them; this will make their job that much easier, and in turn make the forum a more pleasant place.
  • Please note that most moderators play Tribal Wars 2! They have as much a right to post in the capacity of a player as any other user on the forums: No mod will ever mod the worlds that they play, and thus there is no element of bias involved. Remember that they are volunteers, and are players just like you. This means that outside their realm as a moderator, they are to be treated as you would treat any other player.
  • If you have a query or problem with any of the moderation, do not create a topic about it. Please "private message" the Community Manager or (a) Co-Community Manager.
  • If you notice that your post or topic was deleted, it has been removed for a good reason. Do not rewrite it. If need be, PM the moderator in question about why it was removed.Threads which suggest, or allege, any cheating/botting/multi-accounting/etc. are prohibited on the forums. The proper venue for those matters are through Support Tickets
Disciplinary measures
  • When you break a rule you will receive a warning unless your action warrants a more severe punishment. After this initial warning, infractions will be handed out.
  • In some extreme circumstances, the warning will not be given.
  • If you are banned from the forum, you are not allowed to create an account to evade this ban. Doing so will result in a month added to your ban and the new account will be permanently banned.
  • Repeated violations may result in probation or permanent removal from the forums.
  • At the Community Manager's or Co-Community Manager's discretion violations of forum rules can affect your game account. We reserve the right to remove a player from the forums and the game at any time.
  • Players can be infracted or removed for violations not listed in the above rules on a case by case basis. In order to dispute such an action, please contact the support staff.
  • The Community Management has the final say in all disputes or appeals. Once a verdict has been concluded it is final.
  • The terms and conditions of the game also apply to the forum.
Thank you for your consideration and understanding, and for choosing to play our game and join our community.


The Tribal Wars 2 Staff
Not open for further replies.