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General Discussion Dún Libhse

*angry mustache stare* xD. thats why people grow mustaches it is because they get some company and something to take care off. Comb and trim and such now im off to bed take care
I'm a little bit impaired right now

Therefore I can't descipher
This... I know that's spelt wrong but u know de code that word.

Are u trolling me, do I know you.

This is fucked up
Who are YOU?! Lol
He probably did but damn he invested in zerks this server thats for sure. Gained 300k defensive bash. Not complaining
damn no shit. just wish they would actually ban cheaters. but its pointless and waste of time to continue supporting a game that allows cheating
when someone reacts in anger then you know you have hit the spot. Your feeling of guilt will haunt you since no one believes you are for real. It is INNOside. real accomplishments come from honesty, fair play. Or is it usage of suspicious stuff to give a unfair advantage. reading souls make u .
the words shall haunt your mind when you will have trouble sleeping, pondering the words of the gods
why so quiet? would have thought of very witty quick insults :D preferably with a stupid profile picture confirming javascript and usage of elm feeling superior online
yours sinscerely perelius.... u will se me in future haha we shall meat each other in other worlds but great work in dunz. Alot talk of cheating but who knows really, does it matter? only u know.... if not great work... im out cya around.
me and my secret friend shall dominate frövuts and gwutz and nothing u can do about that... :D
Or how is it in mätrix of mädness.....xD ok i stop now. i mean not the tribe but the actual Mäträx öff mädnäss
whos in control? ofcourse it is you.
i expect trollboy to give some comment, oden watches u. monitoring point growth and such
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forgot to mention THE REAL WAR that is being waged in all of your minds right now.
WIsh i had a perfect screenshot of your perfect attacks your synapses....
THE REAL WAR always have IRL screenshots of REAL attacks in REAL LIFE.......
Now watch how a humble warrior steps in...
shit thought this was the date adds...
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