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General Discussion Dún Libhse

Just finishing realm off slowly tbh
But then I'm mega busy I'm.busy rn
But I've not started any other realms
Apparently the glitch bugs and exploits are still present so that's probably me done, no appetite for that non sense again
No not yet.
It's dead tbh
When the big wars all end. Generally you'll have neutrals barbing to large sizes which then adds more and more vils to the necessary amount for victory so its a grind but its nothing unusual
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I would like to know how do you take over
I would like to know how do you take over
What you mean? Take a village?.... you need nobles and escorts and attack a village that'll reduce loyalty until you take it... attacking an experienced player will require a 4 or more desireble 5 train.... 5 nobles with ideally no time gaps preceeded by a powerful nuke. Ask you tribe if you are in one how to make and properly send a train, if you are in a tribe, if not you'll be gobbled up in due course mate
I mean you just need to look at Hall of Fames, right? I think he's probably one of the few who can say he's won more then a handful at a rank 1, impressive for someone who doesn't script or cheat/works full time.

There's various levels and he is well above myself and others.