EN22 chit chatting

Where can I found en22 realm specification/ configuration? E.g. Can I see somewhere if there is Night Time defence boost activated or not?
tw2 doesnt have any special rules, special worlds or anything of that kind.
only exception to this is the nightbonus for local markets which isnt present on any international world.
If you want a good nights sleep I'd go to a local server, where are you from again borothor? Just for future reference :)
why when the christmas advent calender event ends so does the gwendoline arrow event surely this should have been left open so calender winners could get something extra for their efforts here - crowns given when no event open? not really that festive - new year arrow game please
C is the third letter of the Latin alphabet. The letter may refer to:

In biology
C, the amino acid cysteine.
C, the ascorbic acid in vitamin nutrition.
In chemistry and materials science
C the chemical element carbon (<Latin: carbonium): activated carbon, diamond or graphite.
In economics
C status, rated (bond rating) by banks and financial institutions.
c (monetary), the abbreviation for cents.
In computer science
C, a programming language (in addition, there are also C ++ and C♯).
C, the character indication of the number 12 in hexadecimal number system
In the music
C, a tone in music.
C, and C-major chord in harmony.
c as c minor, a chord and key in music.
C symbol quadruple.
C code for the number 2 in the color coding in the Dutch library
In physics
C symbol for coulomb, the SI unit of electric charge.
c symbol for the prefix centi (1/100) in the natural sciences.
C, designation for the heat capacity of an object.
c, indication for the specific heat of a substance.
C, for Celsius, a unit for the measurement of temperature.
c indication of the speed of light, for example, Einstein's E = mc².
In mathematics
{\ Displaystyle \ mathbb {C}} {\ mathbb {C}} symbol for the set of complex numbers.
C, the number 100 as a Roman numeral (<Latin centum).
C, the country code on vehicles from Cuba.
C status, a status of a Dutch broadcaster.
HNLMS C (1930), a Dutch minesweeper from the A-class with the name signal C.
HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen (1937), a Dutch minesweeper from the Jan van Amstel Class with the name signal C.
©, the copyright sign.
ç c cedilla.
C, a bra cup size
Y is the twenty-fifth letter of the Latin alphabet. In Dutch is called the letter include ypsilon, i-grec and Greek ij. According to the dictionary, the correct pronunciation i-grec. The letter may refer to:

Y-chromosome, the male chromosome.
Y (France), a village and commune in the Somme department in the northern French region of Picardy.
Y (USA), a city in the US state of Alaska.
Y (yellow), yellow in the CMYK color system
Y symbol for electrical conductivity (admittance).
y, symbol SI prefix yocto
Y, the chemical element yttrium.
y is a symbol of the contoured closed vowel in the International Phonetic Alphabet and X-SAMPA.
Ypsilon, the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet.
IJ, the digraph of the letters i and j are often used in places where Dutch is actually the Y is meant.
The economy is Y National income
Ÿ, Y umlaut occurs in French and is used by Dutch-speakers in error instead of IJ.
Ŷ, latin
y, the second unknown quantity, for example, in equations such as 3x + 4y = 0.
y-axis, the second (vertical) axis in a two- or three-dimensional coordinate system.
I think it was their cunning plan Carrot to lull us into a false sense of security and gain advantage. Good tactic really, if sneaky.