Why devs? Why ? XF
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Inno uses their own tools to determine when Domination starts. TW2-Tools is close, and great to use as a guide, but their numbers aren't always right. We'll let you know when Domination begins and the world ends. Meanwhile, I'd use the numbers given in TW2-Tools to encourage all of you to go hard on the reds and barbs.
ok lets do some maths,
there are 5416+902+282+173+145+42+46+26+48+26=7106 villages
NOOBS owns 5416 of them
that is 76.217%
so i dont know what tools innogame has, but they are a hell of a lot more inacurate then tw2-tools
(checked the info at 11:15AM server time)


it's alright, AVG is way above 80 (86+ i think) on en17 and they still haven't declared a winner. my sides = orbiting the earth now
The comunity have been given the information that when a tribe reach 70% domination begin. When a tribe reach 80% winners is announced and prizes is given. Why isnt the domination starting at 70% and why isnt winners announced at 80% ? I can understand that a realm isnt ended when a tribe reach 80% Innogames want to have a number of realms open. But i seriously cant understand why you dont start domination, announce the winners and give out prizes. A realm can stay open after this. If Innogames dont want to close realms when its actually is gtoing to happend i suggest you write something like this in the rules. "Domination starts when it fits Innogames/support, Winners are announced and prizes given out when it fits Innogames/support"
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There's also a massive difference between declaring winners and closing the realm.
When I made my post, no winner had even been declared. That should happen at 80% regardless of whether a new realm is opening or not.