Biggest Battles (Quadrangular castle)

you take that villa:)) no?

jesus.. what a nooble you are
by coins mate is hard to fight whit che guevara when he has coplayer

Thanks for also putting the wall back to 20 and adding some more HC ^_^

Fingered 2.png

Even tho Pros f up every now and then Lol!

Who's that Noob
Who forgot to unlock
Faithful Paladin
Attack out of prov....

Oh right it's me o_O

We ve all been there, you know u have !
I admit it tho.
I'm an honest man lol
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Story Time again..
Who's ready for more tales from the Bard... or tales from the quadrangular Castle.... you know what I mean...

First of all this isn't really a ' big battle ' more of a targeted 'get rid of annoying dacii player ' op...

Poor sorinc is today's victim...
After weeks of helping viking to snipe his trains and block his attacks ( along with VV ) .... we decided to rid Sorinc and after being spied and mass faked, he didn't get the memo.
Hes still carried on attacking. Big Mistake .


Time to start operation Eliminate Sorinc...
First of all
My team and I organised 5 trains to land at 12 00 GMT Sunday...
Unfortunately only 3 took vills...
One being sniped and one being defended Killin one of our 20000 axe ram nukes ..
Abut of a hiccup, would have liked 4 and 5 would have been great, but it happens
Still 3 vills immediately taken must have demoralised Sorinc ...

Still he did what he could moving troops relocating etc



Some of our initial attacks, clearly sorinc wasn't ready for such an attack.




But we had to Still get 3 ... Fortunately one of my Team mates andraus had a healty stash of inventory nobs..

Now it was a case of pinning down his last bits of def ...
And taking his remaining vills before any support can arrive... ok....


Here's one down Viking able to provide a nuke with nobles just behind ... 2 more


But at his point I was worried I admit...

Hc with tacts even without unity would have thrown a spanner in.... we had to act quickly... since most pallies were still returning.


Here comes viking with a scrapped together mini nuke and ...

Gotcha last of Sorins forces ...
Except a nuke and noble he tried to fire out
But It was too late
Andraus was already on the way with an inventory noble train and 7k axes
What a haul
For emergencies right....

And poof his mixed cav noble nuke dissappears as ....

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Poor sorinc is conquered....


His last vil falls...
Geto Dacii are 6 vills poorer

Before midday


And by afternoon


Looks alot better to Me :) :D

So long Sorinc...
Just another victim of the SFU machine.

But u went down fighting, with what meager forces you had, so it was a warriors end...

Still looks like Dac on the way down atm.
Perhaps they ought to think about

Diplomacy now?? ....
Since warring isn't going overly well for them....
And now dacii in my local area have taken to capping low level barbs... ut oh... that's not a long term route lads...

Hope you all enjoyed
Nothing amazing
Just a bit of something is better than buck all Lol

You Filthy pencil Necks

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Oi, can somebody explain to TMS about how to use HC, he is having hard times understanding.


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You know, maxi, given that you and TMS about the same level, at least you know your place.


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I’ve signed in like two times in the past couple weeks buddy, I’ve already accepted my loss, why would i waste my time?
You still insulted half your tribe in calling tms a bad player.
I gotta say though, I find it hilarious that you're trying to call the player who's named all of his villages "TW2's worst player" a bad player as if I'd be deeply hurt.
Keep taking the bait