Biggest Battles (Quadrangular castle)


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Dear players,

This thread was created for you to publish either screenshots of attack reports that have been devastating or epic defenses reports on the realm Quadrangular castle. If you had big losses or defended yourself as an experienced player, you came to the right place!

Feel free to share images (screenshots) of the biggest battles that you had the chance to participate on. :cool:

Please note

• The goal of this thread is to create a friendly and interactive environment among the community users;
• Publishing any content regarding the thead's matter is allowed (battles - defense and attack reports);
• The forum rules are also applicable on this thread;
• In case you feel unconfortable with any post, please contact our support team so we can remove the content immediately, or simply use the report button on the left right corner of the post.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.


hang on, I'll just repost this one then, just in case you missed it
Usually I don't
Post Reports...

Because it can be seen as Narcissistic.

However As Geto Dacii Memebers are on here quite often claiming to be the Best In the world, they call other tribe members weak and have taken advantage of The situation with RIM plus relentless catting My friend Gaelicranger.

I shall share this Here with you All : :)

Halloween has come Early For Geto Dacii this Year



So we start by taking The Dacii vil

Then later Dacii organise a retake with A noble nukes and Nukes placed before the Noble... but I'm online and I'm watching all of this lol...

I arrange support and Paladins From My brothers in Arms, the banners were called...

Here they come

First Nuke... oh dear this was faithless
Forgot faithful pallie... don't worry Klaus we've all been there!



Here comes Mysha the best, apparently.


So they got crunched ....
However some dacii members were so confident they sent support after nobles..
Bad idea...
Unless u fake support other noble targets, but I wasn't at all deceived no pun intended.

Oh dear Klaus sent swords As an attack instead of support . Come on Klaus get it together

And their support I nuked


Best tribe in the World

Oh well nice try Lads...
It's all fun and games...
This is why you're leaders shouldn't come on forums bragging about being The hot when you're in danger of the proverbial egg in the face... but oh well...



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