1. Resource Deposit En16(Poenari) No Spawn

    It has been brought to our attention that the following bug is active on En16: Players on En16 (Poenari) are experiencing a lack of resource depot's. The resource depot does not spawn anywhere it seems; and if it does it is very far away (usually about 20 kingdoms or so away) Please note this...
  2. Weekly world news

    does anyone have any interesting, exciting or otherwise entertaining news for the current events of EN16 Poenari?
  3. {IGB} Inglorious Bastards

    {IGB} Inglorious Bastards {IGB} Description : Inglorious Bastards are a tribe with which most if not all members hail from the world Leeds Castle,As it is nearing end game we really do need a new hobby you see? much like other "world winning" tribes despite the fact the world is not yet over...
  4. Anarchy for Hire ~ AFH ~ Recruitment for Poenari ~ EN16~

    As you all know the time has come once again to start new or restart and conquer on a new realm which is opening on the 1/21/2016. Anarchy for Hire ~ AFH ~ will be launching day one Hour one with both experienced and new players who are raring to have another go. As it stands AFH is built up of...