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  1. Map

    #1 and #2 tribes are allied kov is slowly dying, TLH apparently quit as their tribe description says H&G are heavily SE rim concentrated MN are NE rim concentrated
  2. Tribes/Maps

    So normal topic about tribes and on going events between tribes like wars. And ofc some maps too :) this is pretty early but i will update map daily if needed. At least most tribes will stay in top 10. Note: only my tribe (REX) color is chosen purposely. I will later update biggest tribes go...
  3. Maps

    Pre-Emptive Map thread for this world. Will post a map up once the world has been open for roughly 48 hours.Static and then 1 every week on thursdays from there to track the world.
  4. Tribal Wars Maps

    There is a great map site for Tribal Wars (http://tribalwarsmap.com/). It shows travel time, inactives, tribeless, etc). Question: Is there a similar product for Tribal Wars 2?