Xativa Top 10 Tribes Map

why would i listen 2 u? i'll write anything i want anywhere i want.
Did you miss the "moderator" title? You can express any opinion you like, but you need to do it according to the forum rules found here: https://en.forum.tribalwars2.com/index.php?threads/tribal-wars-2-forum-rules.15/.
Part of the rules state you need to stay on topic. I wasn't rude about getting things back on track here - your response was totally out of line. Please treat everyone with dignity.
You need help dank. You come on the forums just to cause crap. You don't even play anymore, You hate the game, You obviously hate the community, But you keep coming back to make these stupid posts.

Honestly move on with your life. Maybe take up some counseling for your troubled life. I can already see your response "You can't tell me what to do, i do what i want".

But seriously there is no point starting crap, Just go play another game. Get on with your life.
@Ghost Girl, What is this forum post's topic. I just posted about the top 10 tribes in this forum post which i thought was aloud but it was deleted.

"In other news for the World en24 Xativa, SET - Sipping Espresso Taking Over just hit 75% of the world. Coming in Second is IMP - Imperium with 9% and WUT - Your Waifu is still TRASH! with 6% coming in 3rd."
SET has reached 80%. However Domination has never been declared when we reached 70%. Why is that. or is this another in a long list of SNAFU's on the part of INNO/Moderators?
Apparently Ghost Girl is aware, But i agree there has been nothing letting anyone know what is going on. Inb4 the world just shuts off on players after a week without warning.