Welcome to Winterstein World 23

Dear Warriors,

Welcome to Winterstein EN23! Are you ready for revenge? Or are you looking to continue with the same strategies as before? Either way there will be blood to pay! Join us on November 17, 2016, as there are sure to be some old rivalries that come about this world.
new server 17/11/16 , but what time ? I am GMT plus 11 .
Could you please say what time it is opening , I want to be there , Have shined al my bells .
We do not give out exact times to avoid the mad dash to the start the world. It will be ready when it is ready :)
My squad is assembling as I type. Only the winners from our last world need apply. If you don't recognise my name you wont know what world that is.


You see, I told you the old troops were arriving
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He doesn't do things like that, he's a plumber complete with sink plunger. It's me you have to worry about ;)
And how is it going on Winterstein? I love the name... I can actually pronounce it :)
It was going well until the game ground to a halt. We've run out of umph on the server..

Right now it is dead , cant get access , was going along fine .
Here's your trouble 'old rob' you need to look up the 'Trump ets' and join. That'll fix it. We have Daleks
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if you are on here instead of playing then I assume you have no access to the game at the moment either

Here's your trouble 'old rob' you need to look up the 'Trump ets' and join. That'll fix it. We have Daleks
at least your lovely Dalek is not flying . I am old school Dr . meaning the real early ones . when the sets shook and they really were plumbers plungers

do we have amy competitions coming up for this world??????????

Do I need to repeat my question in here too ? Or did I missed somewhere the answer
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Probably they have no crowns left for donating to members as we are still waiting for some winning crowns from rumeli hisari.
my crowns are more so i have to go to tailor for upgrading my jeans pocket size
No competition this world :)

We'll be having a big event (check announcements) coming soon regarding winning crowns and other prizes.