Silly Question re: Endgame

Currently there are two Endgame formats: Victory Points and Domination.
Back on the first TW2 worlds, there was a radically different Endgame plan which the game developers were unable to make work.
Original Endgame

While talking with a player from those early days, I was reminded of the Endgame rumor that swept parts of US1 which absolutely terrified a lot of players. This was never actually a developed (or even considered) Endgame mechanic, but remembering it amused me.
As I remember the rumor, the basic concept was that at some unknown but (presumably) pre-determined point in the world's growth and development, the existing barbarian villages would begin to become active on their own, generating troops and randomly attacking players. This would certainly add a measure of chaos and perhaps have an effect on existing wars between tribes and or alliances and NAPs. It was, of course, never a thing, just a rumor, but part of me always wondered what such a game would be like. It was never explained how the addition of warring barbs run by the game itself would get us to an Endgame, but what the heck.
As stated, a silly memory, but perhaps an indication that there are bound to be other Endgame formulae beyond just VP & DOM.