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gonna be interesting to see what happens next. who will take over the centre of the map? we'll find out very soon.

i would also like to see NMN vs Hey vs AC. would be a very exciting battle
RES was the biggest tribe in the world.

This is a map as of March 16

A few of their members, recently started joining HEY for a multitude of reasons including they were not happy with the status quo and what RES leadership was proposing. RES leadership has now said they are quitting the world and the tribe is crumbling. I think the whole quitting thing was a long time coming.

I was the white dots on the North east side of the map and the one who made this post here about recent events that I think likely have somewhat helped lead up to the crumbling of the tribe.

Screenshot_2021-03-22 Map EN Jaunpils - Tw2-Tracker.png

They renamed themselves to cya (goodbye) (hence the song in the first post as well as them leaving). This is the map as of now, and ppl are qutting/filtering out to other tribes still.


  • Screenshot-2021-03-16-Map-EN-Jaunpils-Shared-Tw2-Tracker.png
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RES was run by complete idiots that had no ideas how to plan or coordinate bot offensive or defensive attacks and support.
The first sign o trouble and they melted like a chocolate fire guard.