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Rate the player above


Im not attacking you.. you might be mistaking me for the impostor "eaterofpies", i am "eater of pie"

Points: 2/5 quite low
OD: 2/5 also quite low
Position: close to the rim but grouped ok, if your a new player that would explain the points and OD 3/5
Profile: effort was made 4/5
tribe: sister tribe of a mass recruitment tribe positioned on the rim 2.5/5
Reputation: Unknown from my perspective 1/5
other: mistaken me for attacking you 1/5

15.5/35 total.


Yeah I mistook you for our glorious leader, in his infinite wisdom he decided to attack a few of us. I started a few weeks before new years so not really new but not old either.

Points: Almost half a million, so quite good 4/5
OD: Nothing to write home about 3/5
Position: Few outliers but mostly close together 4/5
Profile: I like it 5/5
Tribe: A lot of points but I don't know how good they are when it comes to fighting 4/5
Reputation: Never heard of you before I mistook you for someone else 1/5
Other: Nothing to put here 2.5/5

Total: 23.5/35


Points: New frent like me, its aight we grow gud 3/5
OD: aight 3/5
Position: le rimjob 4/5
Profile: description is pretty dank, village names are shit tier 3/5
Tribe: Got to go fast! 5/5
Reputation: gud, not overly autistic 4/5
Other: Moses Zhukov leading our people on a long journey 5/5

Total: 27/35

Pls r8 m8 but no h8


Points: Croatian/5
OD: not bad 4/5
Position: Doggy 8/5
Profile: very autistic 3/5
Tribe: The best in game 5/5
Reputation: as a huge lover of BBC 10/5
Other: 1/5
Total: 31/35


Points: 0/5 your dead
OD: 0/5 same
Pos: Noware/5
Profile: what profile
Tribe: Oy/Vey
Rep: Crazy
Other: N/A
Total: 5/35 bretty guud -IGN