No Relocation of Troops Allowed this World


relocation doesnt effect defense all that much untill you have a large empire and able to relocate from "safe" provinces into frontline provinces for quick support, however most players would rather have nukes there to hit faster than the enemy can respond, and getting enough to be worthwhile requires alot of villages producing defense. untilll then support is almost as good as relocation for defense, and often defense is a cooperative effort by multiple players due to large stacks being the only worthwhile defense strat these days (i generally dont defend unless i have to or have 2-3 vills worth of defense minimum), any less and you take more losses than the attacker, either in time (for foot-soldier def) or resource (HC def), often both.
Imho build times isnt as beneficial to the defender as lack of relocation simply because a cav nuke takes ~14 days to build, so if current walls take a week to rebuild, any more than 2 villages building defense can produce nukes faster than walls rebuild, you have to drop build time significantly for that to be worth while.
The main reason I think relocation takes away from the game I have barely touched on. You are almost always attacked from the closest village/s, therefore your warning is as low as it can be, often a few hours for rams, so you cant afford to play while playing a full time job, you just cant monitor the account enough. If you defend against that closest village, you could be getting another one from there in a few hours time, but without relocation, its a couple weeks before you have to be prepared to defend against that village again (-3 days if medic and medicus is available), you still defend against other villages, but you have more time to finish work and then deal with it, or to wake up. I know coops help with this, but players dont like relying on coops for the majority of the time (a full time job is 8+ hours a day, plus sleep 8+ hours, leaving 8 hours max for eating, socialising, and running the game,) and often decide not to play instead of asking someone to run their account more than 2/3s of the day.
Unfortunately in the early game the slow unit build times is a pain, and relocation is really needed, but by mid-late game its not so big a deal as you have other villages filling up all the time to allow you to keep fighting, but requires smart playing (which someone above said removing relocation stopped).
For these reasons I think that the introduction of relocation is a part of why the player base has reduced, but I dont think many have realised that it has had any effect at all (even those that left because of it).

If we are talking about alternative ideas for conditions, Id like to see tribe skills also removed, as it also unbalances the game, unfortunately it makes innogames so much money I doubt thats likely to happen.


So far I think having no relocation hasnt helped the people who do not play as much. You may be right in the late game but early game its a total killer. Once you clear someones main they cant use their second village to resupply their main with troops so the main is rendered mostly useless if someone continuously hits it. Sure you can support it but its always better to transfer units over early cuz even the few units saved by hospital matter quite a bit.

And peoples second village unit count are complete trash since the second villages couldnt have units relocated to them asap. So you are basically starting again from a 50 point village but now you can transfer some resources over. Still doesnt replace being able to farm instantly with 50 commands.

Basically everyone has alot less troops than normal.
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tw2 is now going to be more like tw1 by the looks of it, but it will take a hell of a time to get a good nuke here becuse tw1 have 3 types of recrutiments ques. littel sad to this turning point


@Primitive. Removing relocation in early game does change the game a fair bit, in that it slows it down a lot, it's almost a different game in early game, with different strategies, I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, or a good thing, just different. The problem is that the players weren't aware they were playing this different game, so theyv been setting up the strategies for the version with relocation.
Very... unexpected move from Inno. =) The game will undoubtedly become more intellectual, which can not but rejoice. Of course the dynamics will be reduced, but also situations with reckless sending nukes to attack will diminished. And as a result, the demands on the online to some extent will decrease–which is a definite plus. Another thing is that we quickly get used to the good and the loss of the function of relocation many will suffer. Because of what the wrong conclusions on this “experiment”are possible.
Personally to me this world is even interested:)


@GRhin No relocation just makes the need and purchase of crowns even stronger at the beginning of the game. In the mid, late game this difference drops. And to further prove how much paytowin this game is, just look at gwen. And what made the base player decrease, was the fact that Inno put TW2 in maintenance mode, were unable to create an end to the game and try to clean the wound creating the victory points. For years we have not had a decent update, were to add a "mini map" within the game recently ... something that the community itself has been able to develop since the first year of the game. They have not invested or instigated any of these initiatives, proof of this is the closure of tw2-tools.


Sounds like people just complaining because they can't throw nukes out and over whelm small players. Relocate didn't come about until what? EN14 so I wonder if all you people complaining about it were no bodies before then and you rely that intently on relocate to play this game, or if you just never played this game before EN14.
I hope it is the latter.