Master Preset

It's obvious that the devs wanted to bring ease of farming to this game with the use of presets.
On android you can assign one preset as a shortcut to be used upon double tapping on a village (this lost me a day of bp when I accidentally tapped a player and was surprised to find I was not offered a confirmation window). On browser, presets can be assigned numbers, 1-9, making it much easier.

Why not combine them? Allow the ability to create one master preset to go through groups in an order, switching to the next until troops are spent.
As an example, say you have 100 axes, and 20 light cavalry that you are farming with.
Your preset would have 2 farming groups, starting with maybe 20 axes per run, you would get 5 runs until it switches to the next group in the preset sending maybe 5 light cav with each click for up to 4 runs.

My apologies if this has been suggested and I missed it.