1. Master Preset

    It's obvious that the devs wanted to bring ease of farming to this game with the use of presets. On android you can assign one preset as a shortcut to be used upon double tapping on a village (this lost me a day of bp when I accidentally tapped a player and was surprised to find I was not...
  2. CHALLENGE: "Word of Advice..."

    Send to your neighbors a message with the subject of "Word of Advice..." and a totally innocuous beginner's help message like "Swords are not great for farming," etc. Ideally send this message to people you don't already know. Post how they respond. extra challenge: try to edit your...
  3. Raiding Path En14(Neuschwanstein) Does Not Apply To Individual Tribe Members

    The following Bug is active on En14: Raiding paths for En14(Neuschwanstein) do not seem to be working. It does not apply the extra speed for attacking barbarian villages. Please note this has been CONFIRMED and REPORTED