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General Discussion Castelo do Curutelo


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Dear players,

This thread was created with the special purpose of promoting discussion regarding general matters of the realm Castelo do Curutelo on a moderated environment. For that, it is important to bear in mind and remind yourself of some forum rules.

Good discussions!

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.
Good to see the muti accs in already Digger63/cobbler34/breandanus123 same tribe /same province same each world Reported many many worlds did F all about it


Maybe I will once I have built up and get Noble trains going
sweet we could rejoin at around the same time
i have someone rebuilding for me before i take over the account (probably mostly tru coplaying)
just got off the phone from one of my girlfriends we are planning big things


Idk, when I joined 2nd tribe(TSK was 2nd at the time) they were fighting with both 1st(TDU) and 3rd(TCM) at the same time without an active leadership. Boring :p
A lot of those TSK members were my spies =)
And a lot of the 'I am not jumping ship, I am here for a fight' people were also in the DMs of leadewrship begging to join =)