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current situation of the European worlds.

Good morning, many of you know me, I have been a cheater and I have also played legally.
I have dedicated many hours to this game, and I have been the creator of an idea of an international world, where we have seen things that make this game seem unsafe.

At the beginning of the world, several rules were established, such as not using catapults.
And, my tribe invested money in raising barbarians to 3500 points, in a matter of hours, those barbarians appeared from 3500 points to 100 points.
We thought it was a synchronized attack by a tribe, breaking the rules. But, what we discover from now on, chills anyone's blood.

A companion spied a town of 100 points. Warehouse at 2... barracks at 3... a small unremarkable town, and the troops surprised us...
It had 2k spears and 1400 catapults.

maybe... props?
We reported it to support, and they confirmed that it was from the town itself. That, those troops had been generated with the use of Bug, but by purchasing troops.

My cheater side came out, I came to English to try this method, and with barracks at 3, you only have 1 offer... so I couldn't have spears and catapults.
My alerts went off, and I thought it was through the code.

I discussed this with my tribe, and with our CM, and both of them treated me like crazy... it was impossible...

Those responsible are the Polish players, perhaps not all of them are in the thick of it, but they have all benefited.
This was already happening in the Polish worlds, and a player named Pijany told me that his enemies (Poles) did it.

With this... I wonder... what do they have access to? to the game code? to our information? to our bank details?

What I am clear about is that they have access to the game code, and troops, resources, nobles... can be generated and not be detected, since it is a backdoor.
A player, with less than 200 points, in one night, took advantage of the situation of this backdoor, and cleaned out many players in the Spanish world, with offensives like this:


That number of troops... was not even 10% of what I had...





It is not something isolated. It has happened in the Spanish world, and in the German world.

It will soon reach the English servers, this thread is to notify players.

Make arrests, because the INNO mafia will soon erase it.

Have a nice day.
PL servers have had a group of people doing this for about a decade now, their CM is in on it and Inno's management also is aware, no one really cares ;P

don't be surprised about anything that happens in this game