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Configurations Feedback (Laarne)


Community Manager
Dear players,

As announced, the game configurations of the realm Laarne are the following ones.

Realm configurations

Realm configurations

• World speed: 1
• Unity speed: 1
• Merchants speed: 1
• Beginners protection: 5 days
• Night bonus: N/ A
• Tribe limit: 20 - 200
• Players limit: 50000
• Moral: Active
• Relocation: N/A
• Endgame condition: 1600 Victory points

We are waiting for your feedback on them, as well as we would like to invite you to suggest the configurations for the upcoming realm (EN65).

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.
Finally A VP realm with a reasonable points total Goal ( 1600 ) is probably the perfect marker, not too short but not tediously long. I mean I probably won't be playing it, but still great job if it sets a trend for future VP realms

Well done, for listening to the players on this 1 !
I can't say that its the largest or most difficult change for Inno to agree on but at least it inspires the hope that the game may have more positive changes coming in the future.

Big thanks to you AshieM for pushing player requests towards the devs and getting them to listen.
This was almost a good world in my opinion. ALMOST. But troop relocation is "disabled"..

I get it maybe a few people out there like the idea of not being able to relocate troops.... but that in many ways basically negates the 1600 VP requirement. It will take like 2 weeks or something to build a nuke in a new province to continue going forward. this will slow down getting VP rather dramatically.

Edit- that being said i do agree with everyone else that the reduction in VP to something like 1600 is nice. Innogames could really go for a cash grab and get quite a few players back by doing a world with increased speed of attack and stuff with a reduction in VP... basically like speed rounds in tw1 which plenty of ppl paid to enter into. They make more money, we have a different change of pace with more players... everyone wins..
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Was a bit too excited and surprised to see 1600 VP, didn't even realized it's non relo... That's a hard pass

oh no...jpg


Agreed it is a more realistic approach but the main problem for this realm and all the others still remains, the max number in a tribe. For a pre made tribe of 200 it is only 8 villages each in this realm.


Seems like Inno are going into testing phase with this world. 1600 is better than 3000.

Troop relocation being disabled presents itself with a challenge for many players. Let's see how far this world 64 goes.


Community Manager
Hey players,

As you can see, the VP has been lowered (I did listen :cool: ) , but since you guys were kind of... fun with me the last time, I did a little twist, this time with no relocation. A bit of a spice never hurt, huh? Regardless, it won't be a forever thing. Have fun with the new world.

I'm reading your comments, but I can't answer to all, just give ham to @Tokano and I'm sure he'll send all your "love" towards me.

One thing I would like to add is, we're working on the tribe limits, so, just a bit more patience - And yes, I'm aware you've waited for a while but I haven't been here as long. :)

I don't think I have much to add, new things should be announced in the near future, so keep them eyes open for my announcements.
please open a reg dom world soon the one in process is relocation and slow as hell.... the lower dom does help though so that is a plus as the last few % is tedious as the world has long since been over when that stage is reached.