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  1. Spider

    There's a spider on my wall and i am afraid of spiders, can someone please fix this?
  2. Barracks shortcut bug

    I am on Chrome V55 and I have come across a bug regarding accessing the barrcks by clicking on the troop you want to train from the top right hand troop info section. When Clicked, the timeline pops up from the bottom messing with the screen, you have to click the arrow twice to get rid of it...
  3. Co-op bug.

    My tribe mate and I cannot add each other on co-op. http://prntscr.com/caunvs I am using google chrome on my windows 10 laptop. He is using IOS apple IPhone, and google chrome on his computer. Every time I try to accept his invite or he tries to accept mine it says we need to validate our...
  4. Barbarian village suddenly jumping 2700 points

    http://www.tw2-tools.com/en15/village/5516/ So this was left by a player who gave up. city was about 1800 points then, it slowly was growing for 2-3 days when I woke up today it being 4.7K suddenly resource producers was maxed out... Was still a barbarian village. Now conquered by Gorgaroth...