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Hello Warriors,

Even though the world has been won by Mors Principium Est (MPE) and that no further changes in the world will apply to endgame we would like to know if you want this world closed or would you like to have it stay open for you to still be able to play?

I will be giving out prizes and doing the hall of fame later on today.

Note: If the outcome is to close the world it will not be closed earlier then the new world opens, but on the same day as the new world opens.

This thread can be used as discussion as well.

The poll will be closed in 5 days.


The hall of fame will be created in days to come, when the crowns for winners etc have been given out.


Crowns were given out on weds so hall of fame should be tomorrow if not next day from what is stated but hey could not be til Monday who knows


Hall of fame will most likely be done next week if I am correct. It is not something I handle myself, however I know that the person who normally does this is not available immediately to be doing it straight up.


Well I'll be damned. Wasn't showing up for me at the time of posting, so must have already been done and just not loaded on yet :p


Well Done MPE. A clear and decisive victory!!!
Close this world :)