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ROK - 1st - ROK seem to be doing very well in the north. They however have not been able to completely control the core.
MFS - 3rd - MFS has been expanding (recently had a tribe merge with them) to control a large protion of the west.
MDR - 2nd - MDR is everywhere. They're losing control in the south, Forced to NAP with MFS and other tribes to fight against ROK.
T_O - 4th - T_O has a very strong grip on the south. They've been expanding pretty well. Ranked second in OBP per Member.
USS - 5th - These guys are not going to last.


For my sake more than yours we have a new map

ROK -Tribe controls the core and the middle of the north.Could be bad if people smarten up and make an alliance to put down a seemingly early game powerhouse
MDR - Their everywhere.Not sure if their going to survive.Some may rule it out but ive seen plenty of tribes in the same position pull it off
MFS - Two distinct areas.Possible to survive depends on members capability to co-ordinate and work together
T_0 - Strong control of the south east.Should be able to hold on to that for a while
CBS - Seem to have been steadily getting nobled out of the core.Probably wont survive as surrounded by other tribes in every direction
T W - this tribe i can say something about.It is the closest thing to a premade this world has had.Its positioning is not co-incidental (notice the beautiful if crowded white spread north west) having played with many of these players as both ally and enemy they should do reletively well provided their core players can stay active.
USS - Surprised their still alive.enough said
LOF -North east trapped between two powerhouses.Capabilities yet to be seen
HCE - South west rim tribe.Good position likely to change as people join
T/W - Everyworld needs a crowner tribe and this is no exception.lvl32 tribe already. possible premade.North west should be good fun when they start advancing into the core


1st Rok- Been on top of the server for most of the game. Will they win the world or will the other tribes gang up on them and take them from the top?
2nd T_O- They own most of the south and are at war with ROK at the core.
3rd T/W- They have the highest level tribe on the server and have a strong hold on the NW. It will be interesting to see the push to the core.
4th HLR- A small tribe in the NE. Will they put up a fight? Be taken out or merge into one of the top 3?
5th NGU- Holding some ground in the south, they are in the same situation as HLR. Can they expand where they are or will they merge into one of the tribes around them?
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