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Tribal Wars 2 Game rules

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Preliminary Remarks

Tribal Wars 2 (the "Game") is an online cross-platform game developed and published by InnoGames GmbH ("InnoGames"). The Game can be accessed and used by you as a user (“You”) online via browser or App to be downloaded onto a mobile device.

§ 1 Game Rules and Enforcement
  1. As InnoGames intends to enable the players to have a fair game play experience, playing the Game is subject to condition that You comply with certain Game rules (the “Rules”) described in the following.
  2. The Rules are defined by InnoGames in its reasonable discretion.
  3. InnoGames’ support and moderation team (the "Team") is entitled to check compliance with the Rules and to enforce the Rules (including by means of warnings and punishments, such as temporary or permanent ban, changing of inappropriate content or names etc.) in its reasonable discretion (“Enforcements” or “Punishment”).
  4. Paying players will be subjected to the same Rules and Enforcements like all other players.
  5. Players can contact the Team when in need of assistance by using the "Support Tool" available under the following link. The support will be provided in English.

§ 2 Account and Account Usage
  1. As a player of InnoGames’ Game (Tribal Wars 2), You may register a “Master Account”.
  2. The master account allows You to register on different worlds of the Game ("Game World(s)"), subject to the conditions set forth herein and in InnoGames’ general terms and conditions (“T&Cs”).
  3. Each account remains the sole property of InnoGames. InnoGames only grants You the right to use a Game account as long as You are in compliance with these Rules and the T&Cs.
  4. Each player is only entitled to have access to one account on each Game World (“World Account”), unless an exception is given as set out herein or in case of special approval by the Team.
  5. It is forbidden to use one or more accounts only to advance the progress of another or other accounts (so-called pushing).
  6. Co-playing Game mechanic:
    • a) It is only allowed to login into other players’ World Account(s) by use of the so-called co-playing Game mechanic, where You may set up a limited access to Your respective World Account(s) to members of Your respective tribe(s) (“Co-Op(s)” and You are in this case a “Co-Op Granter”). For technical information regarding the co-playing Game mechanic, please refer to our wiki.
    • b) As a Co-Op granter, You will be responsible for any and all actions and/or omissions taken by Your Co-Ops within the World Account, i.e. You are treated as if You acted by Yourself.
    • c) If You as a Co-Op Granter do not login into Your World Account where You the co-playing Game mechanic is in place for a period of 30 consecutive days, this World Account will be locked in that Game world.
    • d) In case You act as Co-Op for another player, You are obliged to report to the Team (via Support Tool) if the Co-Op Granter did not log into his World Account for a period of 30 consecutive days.
    • e) Players acting as Co-Ops for different accounts which are not reporting what is mentioned in § 2.6.d. will be subject to Punishment.
  7. Sharing the password is considered illegal under any circumstances.
  8. If You obtain another user's password You are obliged to promptly report this to the Team (via Support Tool).
  9. Two or more users can share the same access points to the internet (such as computer(s) or mobile device(s) etc.) for playing the Game, provided that the Team has been informed hereabout beforehand (via the Support Tool).
  10. Transfer of Accounts
    • a) Players can permanently give-up and transfer their usage right of the Master Account (automatically including the related World Account(s)), provided that, (i) this has been priory reported (via Support Tool) to and approved by the Team and (ii) the recipient of the Master Account is already a registered player of the Game and (iii) that the transferee has no access to the Master Account after the transfer.
    • b) You have to make sure that the recipient of the Master Account accepts these Rules as well as the T&Cs.

§ 3 Communication and Code of Conduct
  1. Communication with other players must always be in the local language of the respective market version You are playing, in this case: English.
  2. Private communication between players can be done in another language as long as all participants do not object. In this case the Team will not be able to assist in any kind of disputes.
  3. Before contacting a player in another language, You should priory get the recipient’s permission to do so.
  4. You are obliged to treat other players with respect and conduct Yourself in an appropriate manner.
  5. All type of behavior and/or content which is inappropriate, such as behaviour or content related to profanity, pornography, extreme politics, xenophobia, unlawful behavior and substances) is prohibited. This applies to any given part of the Game that can be set or changed by You and which is visible to others (such as messages, profiles, village names or nicknames etc.). Below are some examples of what is allowed and not allowed:
It is allowed:
  • to call a player a noob (novice) and similar respectful taunts.
  • to blackmail another player for resources, except for crowns or other premium items.
It is forbidden:
  • to violate or harm other players physically or mentally.
  • to name Your alliance with offensive or inappropriate terms.
  • to glorify terrorist acts, tragedies or public figures.
  • to insult players via the in-game communication system.
  • to post chain letters or spam mail.
  • to post advertisement links and referrer-links.
  • to discriminate against players based on, but not limited to, their origins, race, religion, creed, sex, disability, age or any relevant category.
  • to state or pretend being a Team member, regardless whether you are a Team member or not.
  • to publish any in-game support correspondences provided by the Team on a public domain.
  • to entrap player into a breach of rules and/or to use the Team exclusively with the intention to get a player Punishment.
  • to harass a player.
  • reporting the same case in different occasions.
  • reporting player of infractions that happened several days before (more than 3 days).
  • (to attempt) to mask forbidden content.

§ 4 Buying and Trades
  1. Playing for commercial purposes is forbidden.
  2. Actions like selling, buying, trading, offering or transferring of accounts (i.e. the right to use the account) or parts thereof (including premium currency, villages and/or items) is forbidden, unless priory approved by the Team.
  3. No kind of transaction with Crowns between players is allowed.
  4. It is allowed to trade and/or extort resources for Game actions such as e.g. support and/or attacks.
  5. All allowed interactions can only occur within one Game World.

§ 5 Bugs, Bots, Scripts, Automation systems
  1. The Game can only be used with normal internet browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge etc.) or the official mobile Apps available for iOS and Android provided by InnoGames.
  2. Any use of automatization, scripts, bots or abuse of bugs is forbidden. Breaches of this rule can result in a permanent ban of the World Account and/or Master Account.
  3. Anything that will execute single or multiple actions that would mimic a user's gameplay actions and/or results are considered as bots, scripts or automation systems.

§ 6 Fair play
  1. The Game is a competitive game and the Team acts as referees. All disputes about breaches of the Rules and/or ambiguous cases are subject to the reasonable discretion of the Team.
  2. You agree to take the decisions of the Team as final and binding.
  3. All issues related to the Rules shall be addressed via the Support Tool.
  4. You accept that all communication between the players and the Team is considered confidential and cannot be shared with third parties.

§ 7 Miscellaneous
  1. InnoGames reserves the right to change these Rules where necessary and will priory inform You hereabout within reasonable time.
  2. InnoGames has the right to change the Game configuration or other parts of the Game (including inventory) at any time for comprehensible reasons, such as technical or commercial reason or for improving the Game).
  3. InnoGames, in particular, reserves the right to close Game Worlds for reasonable commercial reasons at any time and will priory inform You hereabout within reasonable time. Within that time You can use Your unused Crowns (if any) on the Word Account concerned or Your unused Crowns (if any) will remain on Your Master Account and can be used within other Game Worlds.
  4. InnoGames may change or delete Your inventory and/or names for comprehensible reasons, in particular in case of a breach of the Rules or for technical reasons.
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