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    Welcome to class ladies gents and everything inbetween.
    Today and for the next few weeks we will be having a school for troubled students of our institute to hopefully turn some of you into capable members of society.

    Our first rule is that theirs only one rule.Your tribe above all else.
    Your tribe is your family.treat it like one and you will suceed.Act like a dysfunctional family and well you'll soon be swimming the open seas on a dutch boat with iron weights on your not at all.

    If that means you use co-opz "Gasp" then yes you use co-op.But for the love of your own troops villages and sanity.Dont pick the first person that says "I'll do it!" often youll find yourself without a village or troops or both in a few weeks.
    #1 play smart.Choose smart.Fight smart and you might live another day.

    #2 if someone looks dodgy chances are they are dodgy.

    #3 dont pick an emotional co-op.They are prone to doing stupid emotional things as the poor fellow from VOC is learning today.Such as sending your troops on a 6hr walk to be splat against a wall in a rage of anger.

    Next Topic

    shit happens.Adapt
    #1 TKC got merged into voc without knowledge players adapted and have secret chats? or do they i honestly dont know. im not in either anymore. tribes get disbanded merge allied focus on adapting.If your in a good tribe and suddenly have to join a new tribe does that mean you cant keep in contact with your old tribe? no you just dont let your new tribe what your doing.Secrecy is ultimate.

    Topic #3 of the night
    Do whatever it takes to win.But stay loyal to your original tribe.Stab backstab bribe.Trade anything to win with your tribe.Your first loyal tribe always come first.the rest of the world can burn.Sabotage spy betray as long as your first tribe wins.

    and Rediculous quotes of the night go to player Nupy

    Mast3rOfNone has written:i think ill let them go slapt so you learn to no blindly give people your co-op that do rash things.

    nuppypoglet has written:actually please dont splat them, it's pointless, I'll return any damage done to provisions or resourses

    Mast3rOfNone has written:so in other words.your co-op didnt want to attack me himself because hes a little bitch.and doesnt want to attack me himself so he uses his co-op to do it.Their still going splat learn from your mistakes and choose better co-ops.if i let them dodge youll never learn.

    nuppypoglet has written:eek:k will do. just 24 hours wasting time, but thanks for the lesson...and now you have someone that is annoyed instead of helpful

    Mast3rOfNone has written:hard love is a love you wont forget.If i were to dodge you would excpect everyone else to do it .If i dont dodge youll feel the effects your actions have and not repeat them

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