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yea, don't want to fight you guys, you just barb munch, the villages are not nicely built either it is like eating the last stinking burger to win a food competition. but we will kill you guys none the less, i hate this game.
y has written:Hi Lord Teja

one A.M member tells me to write you you.

one A.M member , x and I are in similar provinces and have good relationship

Unfortunately random decided to enter the war with AM and looks like he did it because he wants to exit by this holidays.

x and I are wondering if we can join your tribe? We can help you guys clean up our area

Frankly this world got no real challenges, I just do not want messages like these. so i try to offer if they want to join before we rim the tribe leaders. And it is not a merge request brebenal, it is to fill the 3 open slots we have xD
Incredibly ironic that the massive amount of barb munching munchers, believe they should have anything to say about war? Did the barbarians start fighting back? I must have missed that.
I think even those guys aceepted the fact that are not fighters but idiots who just take barbs to prolong the world !! xD what noobs. my granny can win with them in a fight
Having 80% of total villages is stupid. It should be 80% of total points. The barb noblers that drag this game for no reason are so dumb
The only reason this isnt over yet is because TF decided to backstab us so we set our priority on killing them first and then moving on to IMC.
Seems like our plan is working well so far?
While we are killing our enemies... IMC is nobling inactive villages and barbs.