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The Battle for GLD villages!


three blind rats, see how they Recruit,
see how they noble, see how they ran,
from ZZZ,X-men lands, See how they bury their heads, in the dirt.
three blind rats, unable to support their members,
see how they defend themselves with numbers!

this song is dedicated to my senpai in TW1, bring home the glory!

Three blind rats, Using any methods to try and win a war,
http://prnt.sc/c985c1, Three blind rats, unable to stay respectful during war,
http://prntscr.com/c986dn, civil war? really? Here is our answer: NOO, we fight our enemies! we do NOT support our enemies! we do not TRUST YOU! You have spent your time, MRT and now you are facing the dirt for your MISTAKES!

My last advice to GLD, If you wish to survive:




Lol. Could always try the play dead strategy. Don't fight back maybe they will leave you alone.


My advice toyou mushroom. Do you want me to go on with some more nice stuff? . You see i have some more info. So i advice you do not push me. Because like i told you yesterday i am able to counterattack you without any problems. And it certanly looks like you dont enjoy it.


Magic, thats low dude... but whatever gets you worked up I guess :)


Nice PnP, you finally lost your PnP virgin huh :p
Btw try not to copy to much from W73 declare. It might piss some players off.

Keep up the good posting it's very interesting read:)


i like trolls very much. They are quite good at entertaining. guess that's all there is to it.


"If the council refuses with what Carrot is going to do for us"

That sentence is a nightmare, or maybe I can't understand it as I have no idea what the context is, anyone care to shed some light?