Sabotage: Yes or no. Thoughts?

I have recently left Syconetic Elite Tribe and have gone to war with LOB. Admittedly it has been a lot of fun, the game was dull and I needed to do something different. When I was in S.E. we had a firm agreement that LOB and their allies would never use Sabotage. Well after 48 hours of 10+ of them attacking me they have failed to take a village. So now I am getting mass spying with sabotage. Yes it works and yes it hurts. Is that an honorable way to play a game? I mean they agree not to use it but when the chips are done they pull that tactic out.

I personally will never use it. But I wish LOB and their Allies would honor their word.
i do not use it at the moment im just toying with you my only objective is to just kill your troops do not really care about your villages and as for the one who sabotaged you we where informed of it he did not know of our rules but he does now we have made it very clear to him that sabo will not be premitted and i use my spys for keeping tabs on you was it just 1 player who sabotaged you or was it more so we can look into it and take action the members of LOB will honor there word some of our membes have recieved some sabo attempts from the tribe you joined recently as well it goes both ways and yes i understand you will not use it and for that you have my respect i am the same i will never use it regardless of the situation also i will be taking some of your villages now tired of playing was getting a bit bored myself and no one from LOB has used sabo on you and it was not a ally who used it on you he is red on my map as well its a single player tribe who was unaware of our rules

also you once told me you where rank 5 for a reason i wish to see that so if its not to much trouble stop taking inactive players and fight me and everyone else attacking if not you will be rimmed that is all also as a somewhat respect for your rank i will start giving you 100 percent you are 90 percent defense and your a 1.4mil point player another reason we decided to just take you out quickly you joined the wrong tribe im sorry but thats the way that world works if you are red on our map you will be rimmed regardless

regards tennison
of the Legion
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i wouldn't trust legion of boom leadership personally many members in that tribe i have come to trust but leadership is quite dishonorable
Yea they are dishonorable?Is that why the Legion of Boom has been ranked 1 for how long now?We respect each other,we follow the rules laid out,if not,the consequences are made known before rules are broken.
very true Rongilley we follow our rules laid out it keeps order
also frozzeno remember what you said about you never using sabo im sorry to say but evidently you lied guess loosing over half of your villages in a few days does that to you good luck on the next server you play next time though some advice do not just noble inactive tribemates or players this is the reason you lost and will be rimmed being in the top 10 doesnt mean you have the skill to back up your words just means you have alot of points and if you would of stayed tribeless and not of joined a enemy then you would of had less people fighting you but a 1.4million point player turn bright red in the center of alot of us was not the best choice unless you knew how to fight every village i have taken from you has had very bad building levels you do not need a level 30 headquarters and you need a tavern higher than level 1 i would like to say it was a good fight but i cannot due to 2 reasons
1. was a few to many of us taking you out i will give you that but you never engaged to try to take the fight to us you just defended your provinces you should of pushed forward would of possibly kept some of them out of your provinces to defend there own
2.never in my life have i seen you attack me with only 50 percent faith you once told me you like building games this is a building game but more of a war game

the next server you start if you decide to keep playing push your enemies back do not let them come to you as we did call me whatever you wish i state the facts
old post i know,
I am from en7, so i know nothing about your world, this is soley based off opinion and general theory, exact circumstances can always change the way things are to the oposite of the general rule.
Few points to make,
1- if you make a claim, support it with examples.
2- being the top tribe is not always the result of being honorable, I have known highly ranked tribes that werent honorable, few of them lasted to the end of mid-game however.
3- "honor" is all too often a matter of perspective and of culture. One player might find chapel flashing dishonorable (i have been accused of this), while another does not, one player may find attacking at night dishonorable (despite the fact that its just because thats the attackers day), another might claim a player is dishonorable for attacking when a player has gone on holiday (despite the fact that the player has not advertised this fact - again something i was accused of)
4- Back to the original reason for this thread. Sabotage has its place, it feels overpowered when weighed against the damage you can do to a single village, however when taking into account the fact it takes months, if not more, for sab villages to destroy their equivalant number of victim villages, its not so bad. Personally I only use sabotage on players that have first used it on me or allies (yes there are a couple exceptions, like when a 70k player gets a village stacked and keeps taking my barbs out of it - me being 2mill, ill sab the village to save the barbs).
If used in conjunction with attacks, its frustrating and annoying, but Im not against it, What I am against is the use of sabs to destroy villages with no fighting to take advantage of that. I have been on both sides, I was sabbed for months by one player, 80 sabs a day, with no attacks. And I have sabbed others, though i bring down villages to make it easier to take, thus i dont sab as long as i suffered.

Basically dont sab unless your willing to have it done to you, I built sab villages specifically to revenge sab for my tribemates who were recieving sabs and were unwilling to "dishonor" themselves by sabbing back