Sabotage feature has ruined this game

soonerjrj;n15320 said:
Are we playing the same game??? "Months to build up a village?" Do you truly believe that? Have you seen how many troops you can get with the "instant" purchase? Wipe out a player's troops, and they can instantly have another army basically right back in their village.

We have instant "buildings". Pay the man, get the resources, and walla! instant building. That alone takes away any "it takes months to build a village" comment. TW2 doesn't take "months" to build a village. Seriously, has it really taken you months to get a village up and running?

Are you paying much more than I am to gain an advantage on your opponents? I don't buy troops or insta builds, so I guess I am at a disadvantage to your argument.
I really don't have the patience to count up the hours to build a full village, optimised or no, and the wiki isn't accurate on build times anyway.

My village got cut in half about 2 weeks ago, and it is still building back up, (you know, without all those pay to win features you are accosting me for not using) HQ 20-25 takes the better part of a week, 6 levels of Barracks is painful enough, latter few warehouse levels, market 20, academy, 7 iron mine levels, 4 halls, 1 farm, 1 clay, 2 timber, the time adds up but that was cut from me overnight without any hopes of defending.

If you don't agree that is brutal, then we really aren't playing the same game.

/sigh of course you would be in TW.


3 Spies will help, but overall within a month this will still be ineffective whens someone builds the hall in more than one village an can still send 20 at one time....
Yatogami;n15396 said:
I completely agree, but the mods are much more defensive when we use the phrase P2W, rather than crown or premium features. Not that I'll ever stop saying it.
We encourage members to report any problems they may have in-game so that the problem can be correct. What is not acceptable is to go to random post going off topic. Have respect for the original poster that might want an answer instead of seeing their topic closed because a few selected players are upset.

Regarding the update and what Dement0r has said, the devs are listening to your request and they are working very hard on correcting the sabotage feature. The update 1.6 on December 17, 2014 will be a step in the right direction however there may be other updates to fully correct the issue. We are not saying that the feature is flawless as we ourselves believe the feature is overpowered but we all must remain patient.



This step is much better then no step . I still dreaming about support in spy's possibility to make this war fair. Also sabotage is kinda attack so it should be,displayed on the map. But scouting buildings and troops should not be displayed


First of all let me say i have to laugh at cof and athel. they are real class acts hah. throughout this game every time poor athel get his teeth kicked in he would throw some sabotages at me.
I really didnt care, i see it as a sign of weakness just like when a child runs out of food he throws the spoon.. people on the server saw it as a big deal so i guess athel got his hand slapped.
he stopped for a bit then fired more, this happen a third time before i build 4 thieves guilds and i shot 4 waves back at him and it stopped again. other cof members joined in for quite awhile im guessing by athels direction. last week members were asking if they can fire back because cof is hitting them with sabotages. we went to discussion again but how do you discuss anything with people who dont even follow their own rules hah so i fired 4 waves to get this guy to stop hitting our members.

yesterday i killed poor athels troops again. and again hes nothing worth throwing but spoons. in last 12 hours ive received so many sabotages from cof that my village went from 9500pts to just over 4000 pts atm. no way to defend this... and thats ok... i call out to whole server, since cof wants to play this way, ill switch all my villages as will my league members over to thieves guilds and we can smash each others cities into nothing so we all lose. if so i call out open season on ALL cof since ive had over 40 different members join in. anyone and everyone who is against this way of play i call to you to engage and wipe out cof. NO sabotages are to be used against anyone other then cof from now on. any cof members want to keep what theyve worked for you have 24 hours to leave cof and you wont be targeted. but anyone still flying a cof banner at that point i order the demolition. guys pick cities of theirs and all hit same city until its smashed.



city is down to 2300 pts to give you an idea of how absurd this is
In COF we have strict rules on not engaging in sabo unless it is used on us first, then and only then, is it used, and only against the player who used it against us. Did you not use sabo against marcus1214 Bedrock?


We have rule about sabo in CoF. We dont use it unless someone uses it first on our player. If this happens, we together, bring one of the village to the stone age. Then we stop. Maybe you learn after first village is brought down to 50pts. If not, we are ready to demolish another. You dont use sabo, we dont use sabo. Easy as that.
You started it, now deal with it.


Wow, Bedrock. Just wow. First you start sabo on CoF-members, then we retaliate and you realize that you screwed up and are losing. Then you go crying to the forums? I know some people will do anything to win, but there are boundaries.
Don't go and blame others when you screw up. That's really low.

See you on the battlefield. :)

Best regards,


Helmuth youre just misinformed. actions speak louder than words. athel has always used sabos on me when he runs out of offense. when the rest of league asked him about it i was told he said " uh i didnt realize i sent them" he hides behind lies. i knew athel. i knew he was a good player hence why i didnt hesistate to engage him. i didnt know he was a lier to his own people and would resort to these low tactics. ive been fighting with cof a long time. athel picked the fight, i told him im new to this game and he might kill me but ill kill so many cof troops that hell regret attacking me. since then got almost 1.2 million kills i think. ive already hit my goals long ago. cof hit me for 3 weeks straight 24 hours a day. im here. you didnt push me anywhere. i actually expanded into cof territory not withdrawn as well as kicked some cof out of my provinces.
every time athel got his offense wiped. hed fire sabos and play stupid. theyd stop then again hed fire etc. being new to the game i just knew sabos were banned so i didnt even build any thieves guilds. actually if you want to know the truth i was asked why i hadnt fire sabos back. i told them im not that kind of player, if i beat some schmuck to the point of him having nothing left but to fire sabos at me hah then good.
how has athel added members to its ranks? just like a bully" join or die we are bigger and will crush you if you dont" bwahahah all you cof members know im right.
and what happens when you repeatedly beat that bully up? well in this case to safe face or his own ego, he just going on lying to you all and getting you to do the dirty work when he bit off too much to chew.
only athel and i know what really went down. its a shame hes not man enough to back up his actions and feels he needs to hide truths from his own league mates. rather than saying hey guys i shouldnt of taken on bedrock now i have a real problem. we really need coordinate a whole bunch of us to stop him because i cant. he resorted to ordering a sabo wipe on me.
hey if you dont believe me have athel and every cof member post up the sabos i have ever sent.
if you do ill post up athels. and youll see by timeline the months of sabos he sent before i ever even built a thieves guild. ill post you the comments from cof members claiming athel said he didnt even know he was sending them all this time etc.

as far as crying? come on helmuth. i dont cry. i beat people. ask athel. oh wait hell just lie again. so ask me ill post all the brs you decide who lost and whos telling truths.
i posted on the forum because i want everyone to be aware that this game is worthless until sabos are nulled or fixed. it doesnt matter that you can beat the enemy if all they need to do is send sabos and in 24 hours a 9500 pt city will be 300 pts.
your right helmuth i cant win. i cant beat that, neither can anyone. everyone can see i beat athel to the point he had to use dirty tactics. i call that a win. he can call his crown gold but we all know its made of paper because it wasnt earned on the battlefield.

to me this is just a game to be played hard and make a name for yourself.
im pretty sure anyone thats seen me play would love to have me and ten like me in their league next time.

as for cof comments about me, i forgive you because you are just dealing with misinformation from your leadership as to who did what etc. so i dont blame you youre just sheep following the sheepherder.
cof has continued to work sabos on other villages of mine in order to take them. just for the record im an honest man and i back up my words. if any cof wants to be my focus next go around keep sending sabos. ill make sure i ruin your experience next time.
Bedrock (StRaNgEbReW)
ok so all i hear is how cof doesnt use sabo etc. what are you guys talking about? cof has and always will use sabo and lie about it apparently. how many time can i show people the sabo reports of cof using and the discussions if we should fire back. but always goes to discussion and some cof member gets his hand slapped. it stops, then it starts. puuk when did i start using sabos first? huh dumbass i didnt fire but 4 sabos 3 MONTHS into receiving them time and time again. the 4 sabos i fired at marcus1214 last week? well did marcus1214 there tell you guys he had been firing sabos day after day at a member of ours after marcus1214 lost his nukes? and our member after days of "please help what can i do? can someone stop this?" i fired 4 at marcus1214 to stop him since he wasnt stopping per contact. the only one stooping to a low point is cof. who has ALWAYS used them first and yet lies about it. doesnt get lower than not even standing behind your action tard. ive shown proof by reports to everyone, they speak for themselves so youre just making real idiots out of yourselves by continuing to claim to be ignorant. you cant even back up the talk with reports lol just throwing dirt in the air hoping others might believe you.
john yes i sent 4 at marcus1214 because he wouldnt respond to stopping his sabo attacks he had been sending over multiple days at a member of ours who killed his nukes.
not a very strict rule when your leader repeatedly violates it. ive never fired a sabo at anyone (other than marcus1214 to get him to stop sending sabos for days at a member of ours) who stopped sending them at me once confronted about it. ive always tried communication first, and when that fails and they are still hitting me with sabos sure what else is there to do. when you havnt provoked the use of sabos by using them yourself and cof keeps using them on you over and over for months now this isnt new for months and months i get them. and when its addressed cof stand there and says the same thing everytime " we have a policy we dont use them unless you do first" its out and out lie. i never used them first. i always waiting for days of sabos hitting me and trying to negotiate with cof. every time WOW it stops.
ive already accomplished what i wanted here. i came in to a new game ive never played and i kicked the ass of someone who thinks theyre famous lol does make me infamous lol
he cant take it, so he will continue to fight dirty as always and lie about it. just athels way i guess. he knows im right. hopefully the million cof troops ive killed helps someone in the long run.

and for athel commenting that villages were taken whiile his people were offline so it doesnt count lol well athel you and i know you cant handle me and shown how weak minded you really are. some people earn titles, others that dont have the ability will always resort to cheap tactics but will only amount to paper champions.
now that i know how you really are i do look forward to next time now that ive learned this game and survived my mistakes along the way. i hope the fix the sabo problem by then or i wont be back .
go ahead cof and continue to sabo my villages as you are so you can take them. thats the only way you guys found success against me. ill leave the door open


Here's a lot I haven't heard about before, Bedrock. I didn't know of half of the sabos you mentioned here, and I certainly didn't know it went back so far in time.

Did you keep the messages between you and Athel and did you keep reports? I know reports are only saved for 1 month, but our mass sabo didn't start that long ago, so if you kept the reports there should be a bunch that are older than the mass sabo. You can PM them in-game if you want. Not that I don't trust my own tribe, but I want to give you an honest chance to prove yourself right.

As for me, I've never used sabo on a player first, and I never will. Marcus sent us the reports where you sabo'd him, and that's why I joined in with a few sabos as well. Same thing with other players, as soon as our members showed the reports, I joined in with a few sabos. But never before I had seen reports.

I will hold off with sabos for a little while to see how this develops.

So please PM me in-game with proof of the things you said above.