Reporting live: personal battle between Shadowsbanee (pro) vs Tatapro (newer)

Personal information
Shadowsbanee , very strong, member of the tribe : TOO BAD

Tatapro, newer, very sick, member of the tribe : Olympian Rebels

First day : 12/1/2016 - The first attack
military Shadowsbanee with more than 9,000 soldiers forces, led to a sudden attack is not able to respond tatapro.:mad:
military Shadowsbanee
6361 Axe fighter + 1562 light cavalry + 1237 mounted Archer
military Tatapro
289 spearman + 311 swordsman + 64 axe fighter

Tatapro mailing went to ask why he was beaten and received the answer is because he liked it, tatapro say : he like IS:oops:

2nd fight : At the same time, the 2nd village was attacked
with over 12 000 soldiers, is too strong to fight him, I almost let go of the game. But I still try to keep playing:(
Troops shadowsbanee :
8019 axe fighter + 4140 light cavalry

Would you like me to start issuing spankings to my members who dare attack people in this war game?
you are in the same server with me? very grateful if you join us in fighting: D, I just received reinforcements of some people, but the number is too small
Continuing battle reports

continue to defend against him


I have received reinforcements of one of the members of the tribe allies, I really thank you for the help, though not freezing but forces very noble brotherhood


continue ....
this is the first defense of the allies, the war persists, the Allies were planning total defense and attack
7 more troops from allies are coming into my prime