Potato Servers

What in the actual potato are the servers ran on these days? I can't go more than two minutes without needed to refresh my screen due to nothing working. My entire tribe is having the same issue on google chrome.
Same here and their answer on my ticket was it has to do something with ur pc/windows update XD KEKW
Really? They answered my ticket and got the devs to reset the servers. My entire tribe was having issues so a few of us put tickets in.
Almost unplayable on my laptop, reports not showing up. Massive delay between farming with presets ( shortcuts ) and the attacks actually going out. World map is super laggy but don't even try to go to the village closeup screen. It's a better on a desktop with cable but then I have the bug with the recruitment screen that's fucked. Tested on both firefox & chrome
It is not a browser problem or mobile application. It's over server or update. they should have players to test the game and not expect normal people to have to make claims.
It is not normal that it goes so badly, since we started this world until now .I hope they solve it before the world ends .:D