Opinion about top tribes.

Hello guys, it might b early, but I thought the forum could use some activity, so here I come: [if you don't like then go read something else, or post your own list, if you do like then cool to have you hare.]

1. The Cadre [-C-] - Currently one of the 3 best tribes that are fighting for dominance on this world. They have very good positioning with most members located in the core and the western part of the core, spreading in all directions except east from there, very few members are isolated. They don't seem to be a tribe with a few very large players, as they only have 1 top 10 player, however they do seem to have quite a number of "above average" members, with 23 members in the top 100. Their ppM is the 3rd highest, they are 2nd in all 3 Bash statistics (OBP, DBP and total BP). Looking at their conquests, they do not seem to losing a lot of villages (almost none at all) and they seem to be getting new members every day (even some from SNT which says a lot). The only concern is their amount of members - 140 [the most of any tribe], which could pose a problem, but it seems to be working well, at least for now. Overall I still cannot say this tribe is the best one, but they sure are doing something good.

Diplomacy: War with SNT, SHIELD (not sure about this one)
They seem to have a NAP or Alliance with EMR as well, but are also wary of them.

2. The Sentinels [SNT] - now the #2 tribe but still clearly one of the 3 best tribes. SNT has lost quite a lot of members to EMR and some to -C- over the past week or 2, but they seem to counter it by nobling quite a bit of barbarian villages [in fact looking at their conquests, 20% seem to be barbarian conquests not including abandoned villages]. Only their leader - The Notorious Viking is currently in the top 10, with 25 members in the top 100 [only 2nd to EMR of all tribes]. Their ppM is still 2nd highest, their total BP as well as DBP are the highest while having the 3rd highest OBP. Most of their members are clustered together in the core expanding to the east from there with a small amount of players being isolated. Some concerns about this tribe is that they are maybe too clustered, thus lacking targets, also they hardly seem to have expanded at all from the time 1 week into the world. I think this tribe was over confident, arriving as EN1 winners, they have arguably started way too many wars and chewed more than they can swallow. From my own experience with them their players seem to have learned only how to play with a large number of villages, and I personally think they should be sent back to EN1 where they belong. All being said they are still doing very good, we will see how things develop from now on.

Diplomacy: At war with almost everyone with no remarkable friends to speak of, but they are plotting some things behind the scenes. :p

3. The Empire Rising [EMR] - A tribe that has emerged around 2 weeks ago, and has already become a powerhouse, with most of their members coming over from SNT. The stats speak in their favor, with the highest ppM as well as OBP with only 56 members [compared to SNT - 110 and -C- - 140]. The core of their members is located in the north, with a part of their members being scattered around, which might not be the best thing. Even tho they have "only" 56 members, they do seem to focus on quality over quantity with 7 members in the top 10 and 27 total in top 100. This tribe does not noble as many barbarian villages as SNT, but some of their members seem not to have a problem with it. We will see how this tribe develops long term.

Diplomacy: War with SNT and reportedly a unreliable Alliance with -C-

4. House Stark of Winterfell [HSW] - A tribe that has been holding tight onto the 4th place for a bit longer than a week. Arguably the tribe with best positioning out of the top 4, being located to the east of the core, where they border with SNT on their western flank. This tribe is not yet there, but progressing very fast with 1 member in the top 10, and 6 in the top 100. They are basically 4th ranked in every single category (ppM, total BP, OBP, DBP). Looking at their conquests they seem to have a strict no barb policy as they are taking a minimum amount of barbs. If the war with SNT is to be taken into consideration, as well as their size and DBP, they seem to be a very coordinated tribe even managing to take 3x the amount of villages from SNT compared to the lost amount. This tribe sure has potential, we will see how their leadership handles the situation from this point forward.

5. SHIELD [SHD] - A tribe located in the south with a good positioning, the only downside being they're sandwiched between SNT and -C-. They seem to be losing village here and there to -C-, but overall they are growing very fast. The numbers are very respectable with 3 people in top 100, #4 by total BP and DBP while #5 in OBP. A tribe with potential I would say, we will see how they develop.

That would be it for today gentlemen.
1. Cadre
Very good leadership team. Can't say anything bad about them really. Very strong and co-ordinated tribe who's held off many SNT operations apart from when Viking throws his credit card at the villages haha. All in all good tribe. Memberlist is quite high but apparently they've got it under control ^_^

2. SNT
Lots of internal strife according to past members. The core group of SNT seems to be quite good but that's to be expected when you insta build churches/walls in new provinces. Should be renamed to Innos Cash Cow ^_^

3. EMR
My tribe so I won't say too much. Good bunch of quality members with many past world winners hailing from many different servers. Hopefully we go far ^___^

unreliable Alliance with -C-
Not too sure your source is reliable. As far as I know we're on very good terms, unless Cadre have something else to say? o.o

4. HSW

Don't know TOO much about them but apparently they're doing okay by maintaining rank 4 on the server.

Anyone under these four aren't really worth mentioning
Thoughts on Shadow.Dragons?
Currently the 5th ranked tribe, always fighting with SHIELD for that 5th place, 6th ranked by both Off and Def BP and 7th by total BP. Located in the NE , they have a very nice cluster that controls most of the area. Very few players are isolated from the tribe. With 75 members, they are the 3rd biggest tribe, they even had up to 80 members, but seem to have been shredding the numbers in the last couple of days. That doesn't seem to slow them down tho, as they are growing at a constant pace. Only concern is that they have only 1 player in the top 100, but that can be explained by their late start.

This tribe also has a lot of potential, and could possibly challenge HSW for the 4th spot sometime in the coming weeks.
Innos Cash Cow ^_^
I like how you call SNT cash cows while you boosted 10 barbarian villages to max farm

But I do know SNT has a few money spenders but I am fairly sure EMR has almost the same amount of crown users while they have ~40 members less
I like how you call SNT cash cows while you boosted 10 barbarian villages to max farm

But I do know SNT has a few money spenders but I am fairly sure EMR has almost the same amount of crown users while they have ~40 members less
I've spent far, far less than any of your crown players though. I make sure I get a nice bang for my buck and boosting barbs was surely worth it. Your players on the other hand.. lol