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Jhin the Magician


Jhin you are a magician :)
You join the world, visit my tribe, coldog gets kicked from COS leadership then leaves COS. You join COS and maybe the leadership?
What next :)

And where is Monsieur?
meh yeah, but i dont know why you act like you're guessing, i literally told you this in person, what's with the jewery and low-tier mindgames?

either way, i gave up on that plan because coldog ruined COS too hard, it's not winnable for them regardless of what they do with 5 active players. world singlehandedly lost by the insanely egotistical, self-centered leader, the great coldog

ps. moment of silence for coldog acting like he's the greatest but then his own tribe forces him out XDDDDD

good one trevor
also froggy, if we're talking about magicians, why do you see yourself as one? i don't think you're a high-tier player by any means, and your leading is decent but nowhere near outstanding. so why do you pride yourself in it and talk like you're on the same level ground as me?

just curious.