is this legit?
Since when you can use account which played last time in September, attack in province where you get destroyed
Using 10+ nukes, cat down villas and call it - im not getting personal gain from it? :D


P,s 40 banned accounts was not enough?
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Just the same as Roflcoffee and Jarl Eric attacking me out of nowhere after being internalled for the last 2 months with no real activity.
This server and TW2 in general is full of cheating and abuse on all sides and is a joke at this point.
I still feel personally that the co op feature should be banned removed completely. Only way to stop some of the cheating. Since the co op came to be, there has been more cheating than ever before making the game much less fun. Come on Inno get rid of co op and let each person stand on their own and fight.