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IMP against the world


As per the thread title, as it certainly seems that way...

Is IMP literally fighting the rest of this realm right now??

2 things if this is the case,

1 - NICE and also, good luck :)
2, does IMP still believe they are definitely going to win this world? I know you have a lot of real estate and like, well, the entire core but I've never seen a tribe fight it out from the middle before. Normally the dominating tribe has at least the east or west completely covered.

I'm really curious here, hence the whole new thread!!


I don't think they are strong enough now, they've lost several top players and now both of their main leaders. They have a lot of strings to pull in order to turn it around but other tribes appear to be growing quicker than IMP are, also fighitng on several front lines isn't going to help them.
Usually you'd secure one and fight all out on the other not on 2 very larger front lines against rank 2 and 3.
We will see if the squeeze will be too mcuh for them though I guess.