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Game Rules for Server


Thought I would throw this out there for this server in an attempt to make this world a little more fun. Just a couple of simple rules tribes would agree to. I believe most experienced players would agree with this but if not...I tried.

1. The obvious....no sabotage...the worse feature in the game.
2. Limit Tribe size to 100 members.

Thats it. Something to consider.
about point 2, are there even enough active players to make 3 tribes with more than 100 people right now?


honestly rule 2 yeah i can agree with. rule 1 i cant abid by. I dont use them often but I will gladly use them if i think it will help me.

I should add when I played on the second beta world sabotageing was so broken. now it isnt as bad. but i laugh when someone tries to sabotage me because it wont stop me unless you know how to utilize it correctly. and often enough the person facing me doesnt know how to.


But it IS a war game.. tribal wars, not tribal hugs! I do agree with the tribe thing though.. having MRT does just just suck the fun out, I reckon tribes should be capped at 50 members. Having too many players just creates a snowball effect which can only be realistically balanced out by having a few tribes taking on the bigger ones. Carnage should ensue..