Friendship conquers all

After a 13-month war of attrition EN29 can finally come to a close, this was achieved not through backstabbing or sabotage, dodgy politics or blood-soaked war but by the power of friendship.

After witnessing just how strong the bonds of friendship could be between DTO and Barbarian villages, they truly did defy the odds and warmed LATEXs cold and lonely hearts to show us that winning isn't about killing your opponent but about the friends you make along the way.

Best Friends Forever (BFF) now sits atop the rankings with a massive 90% village count, claiming their rightful place as number one and acting as a beacon of hope for future worlds to gaze upon in wonder while offering a simple message to all.

Sometimes the best way to solve a conflict is to set aside your differences and give everyone a hug!

Cheers, JeTi