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Diary of a poor player

I came back to the game after I beleive 2 years......... Been craving the nostalgia of my childhood playing tw1 in the first 5 worlds available. I joined the newest world available and already knew how my return would be. The dominant players like always being the ones dropping cash like crazy to feel superior to others and everyone else just trying to play the game around them. I joined with the thought of having fun and nothing more so why the hell not.

day 1 of jemeppet- Man, this is bringing back memories and I am enjoying it. Yeah im insanely behind and it looks like the majority of the rim is already infested with people who crown. Guess ill make my own tribe so I can get the one bonus thats actually possible for me to get solo.
day 2 of jemeppe- The plus side to being in a world that has progressed for a bit is the ease of getting resources from built up barbarian villas. Almost all my farm runs are coming up full and I am building up at a great pace. I am taking notice of the other players near me but my main concern is my immediate province. I should check out the Na server and see how that is going.
Day3 of jemeppe- I see that the only other active player in my province has a third villa while at about 990 points. Im thinking this must have no life if they were some how able to pull that off. I took the initiative and mailed them asking how this should go because "I don't feel like building up a village just for you". They assured me that they had not even thought about taking my village, but tribal wars is a cruel lifestyle and I was actually impressed by their resolve to fight the top tribes. Playing 2 worlds is taking my sanity.
day 4 of jemeppe- Well they now have 7 villages, some of which I was farming so that's kind of annoying. I intend to play at least till I get all the rewards I can atleast restart with extra resources and units ready in my inventory. OHH GOD a new world I MUST JOIN I am deeply addicted to just growing.
day5- Well, I have done everything I can. All I can do now is keeping farming non stop and building up. If for whatever reason they come at me. I have been playing this nonstop only stopping to eat sleep and study for classes..... currently playing 3 worlds and each are always at max attacks and always have something being built, well 2, I just created my own excuse for not playing on na server. Already getting burned out of farming non stop...................

Na- Adventure
Day 1 of na- I don't care to double check what the world is called. Well, I'm already surrounded by the top tribe so that's going to be fun. Fresh start and my province Is already infested with a players with multiple villas. Well, ill keep farming and see whats up.
day2- OH sweet jessus why am i doing this!!!!! 50 farm runs on servers is annoying annoying so maybe ill just level resources more on this one so I can relax on farming. I still farm every chance I get because I feel i have to........................ I have literally no options so I might as well reach out to the top tribe and see if i can just coast on by and focus on jsut growing little by litte
day 3- Well, at least they replied I guess, Back to just having my own tribe so that I can get at least a single bonus till I get taken out. Im TIRED OF FARMING SO MUCH!!!!!
day-4 OHHH NO!!!!! I accidently attacked a villa that someone restarted and lost all MY UNITSSSSS............ Guess that's my sign to stop playing this world.

(From na so I lose track of the day in terms of in game time)
day 1 of Kolmont- I don't know why but im going to be doing a third world and ohh look Im one of the Frist 30ish players in the game. Day one is always chill, sending out attacks like crazy to start farming and just scouting out who is here with me. I hate playing core because I suck and I don't wanan deal with the coiners. I believe this is still day 1 and tribes are now forming and ohh look I got an invite might as well take it for the benefits of the level!!! Ohh god someone stop all ,my farming!!!!! I need to do some assignments but can only focus on resources.

Day 2 of Kolmont- Farming like crazy, I fell asleep and have now fallen behind because of it!! damn being human. Tribe members have informed everyone of some spiked villas and honestly I just forgot that I had intended to spike the one near me with all the swords I had. I am surrounded, by the other top tribes within my province and I am confused as to why they want all their members all up in the same area of growth..... Looking around and amazed at how this dude has almost twice the points I do, I was here thinking I wish I was as good as him to be able to do that man. Then I look at his profile and see he doesn't even farm... t1 in stolen goods..... and not even done with t1 plunderer.... Well!!!! This is why I save all my rewards for restarts, plus it Is a good strategy to just get what you can before restarting for a better chance to build up. For comparison I have been near no lifing this game and am at t2 with about 57k plundered resources...................... I think i slept for 4 hours today and Just need to do one more assignment for the week,,,,,
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Day 6 of jemeppe- Relatively chill for now. Still running solo in the rim and debating on who to join for some better benefits from tribe level. As a side note, my neighbor hasn't done anything yet so I might be safe for a sec. I always struggle a bit on this part of the game in terms of how I should be growing but I can experiment with it. I am hitting about 900k resources looted so im kinda proud about that but I am slowing down from just burn out.

Day 3 of Kolmont- Still farming like crazy and almost always have full 50 outbounds out: Sitting at 108k resources looted. If i cant get the most looted resources today I never will. I like where I am at with growth but still debating my options since I really don't like playing core. I am starting to remember why I stopped playing. 3.5k barb popped up and random dude is starting to just drop cash like crazy going from middle of the pack to number 1. Good job ino prioritizing monetization instead of quality of a worlds progression. Going to play this out and see how it goes but seeing that kinda crap really kills the mood for me.

Would like to add I have finished all my class work for the week!!!
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If ur only at 108k total farmed you dont stand a chance of getting thief of the day im afraid.
Have been doing this almost non stop besides some small breaks. So If im on here almost 20ish hours a day to send out attacks I really wanna know how everyone else gets it done. Yeah co-ops can help get it but realistically they are not gonna farm non stop for you either. Its just kind of a personal goal for now but im not gonna stress over it too much.
Core farming sucks at the start of new worlds, ur always gonna struggle to outfarm active players on the rim. Especially if they have MOLs and send them to every new 51pt barb that pops and keep getting full 3k hauls.
oooo good point. Its kind of why i hate playing core as well. it just seems to be a struggle and i dont wana deal with the pressure when bp drops.
You could always do what BarBare has done and MOL a barb to max pits and farm that. He'll likely get thief of the day now until he nobles it.
Day-7 Jemeppe- LONELYYYYY IM MR LONELYYYY…… I have only one real option in terms of tribes to join but looking like I got to open up my one-man tribe one again. Still chill nothing really going on but if I don’t get into this tribe I’m as good as dead. If I go down I’m taking someone’s walls and warehouse with me!!!!

Day 4 of Kolmont- Made an important decision in how I am going to play this world and I am going to have fun with it. I didn’t hit my goal and that sucks but no t much I can do about it. Its going to be pretty chill until bp drops so I am coasting by.

Going to start my next weeks reading and assignments for school woot woot.
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Day 8 of jemeppe- Still growing at a decent pace. Clearing up all the inactive players around me as long as it doesn’t mean losing half of my units. I had made a small tribne and invited who ever looked active on the rim because I didn’t get a reply from a guild leader about joining. Today though, the sister tribe reached out to me to join them so I might as take them up on the offer or be completely surrounded. I wont really see any action if I do this BUT I think its fine because this will be my secondary world.

Day-5 of kolmont- I decided to restart and I am hella with where things got placed. Was able to pick up a few new barbs and boosted my growth decently. Not much else to say about this world just yet so im a just all in on the restart.
Day9 of jemeppe- Nothing is changing I’m so far out in the rim that I don’t have any real threats near me. Building up as fast as I can to make some moves and help the tribe in moving forward. I’m glad I can chill in this one so I can focus on my main world.

Day 6 of Kolmont- BP is starting to fall for a lot of the core players and I am never surprised by how people don’t understand that they can be attacked at anytime whenever and wherever. Forced restarts are already happening and I am loving the carnage from my seat at the rim! My own growth is going great now and am extremely confident in my ability to just take over the immediate are around me. Though I am kind of in No mans land in terms of my tribe. Sometimes I want to make my own tribe but I don’t want the c commitment and time to keep it running smoothly. Also I have a bad habit of pulling the trigger and causing a complete wipe of the tribes I run lol. So I would need someone to keep me in check before I can bother trying to ruin a tribe.
day9 off jemeppe- no changes same thing just farming and prepping

day10 of kolmont- Im power farming as best I can and I am still happy with my restart just waiting and getting ready to take everything near me out.
Nothing is really happening for now. Im just farming and building up as much as I can, so until that changes I dont really have anything to post. On a side note its been about 8 days in kolmont and mr i throw money at games to feel good is sitting at 5 villages 2 of which he mol bombed to max the third he moled up to 1,2k his main is sitting at 2k points and his second is already about 1k points. I really hope the entire wrold just nukes hiss ass out of the game. Looks like he got destroyed in Jemeppe so hes just throwing money at Kolmont now.

day-8 kolmont
day-11 jemeppe
da9- Kolmont- FINALLY GOT LOOTER OF THE DAY!!!! jesus chrsit that was annoying. Action is starting to pick up and I am ready to force restarts in my area
Banned for farming too much. gotta love it I have spent time on this world beccause i missed the game. I played so fucking much just to keep up with barebare and others who started dropping cash like crazy. The game creates this environment taht if you dont pay you better play non stoop. So i did that I played nonstop while doing hw and reading for class. There are so many other problems in that world But im the one that gets a ban hammer FOR P{LAYING THE GAME!!!!! I prioritized farming becasue it was the only way for me to survive in this world. Pay to win or get banned for playing it for free. I would like to note I only got most looted after people quit the world lol so what does that tell you
Hello reydejoy,

We found that you used tools known as bots and scripts in our game that help you develop your character's progress unfairly.

Since this is not allowed, these actions are a breach of contract that was accepted when you registered for our game.

Your account has been permanently banned.

For more information, we ask you to check the game rules.

Kind regards,

Community Manager

dont play too much guys if your not dumping cash like crazy into the game because you obviously cheat using their built in hot keys. and good job not getting banned panda but be careful farming is a no no if yiou doo it too well
For those of you who dont want to get banned- Dont farm efficiently. dont use hot keys, dont resend farm runs to villages you have hit to make it easier to track. dont understand that resources are hourly and by sending attacks in intervals you will probably get a good amount. Dont play too much and dont spend a penny on this game. The peeople who made this decision dont even know how the game works
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