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Dead forum?


Why is no one posting on here? there is a lot going on in game, you cant tell me there is nothing to say, or we are too busy to flame each other?????


Doesn't seem like much is going on, keep me in loop Queenslater! What's news with you?


I agree with Jeti,there is nothing going on on this world anymore,we all know winning tribe here now,IMP have failed when they started one too many wars against SETO and they have found on battle field that we are not that easy prey,we do not chat on forums ,we do talking on battle fields,IMP is finished in this world and HDL tribe as i can see now are just wasting time on this world playing and fighting SETO,never had and never will have a chance to do anything against SETO tribe,all there is left to collect 70% of villages on this world ,there are few IMP players still fighting which is nice to see as we all hate when they leave after losing few villages ,most IMP are now done fighting and half of them wanted to join my tribe SETO after we took out their biggest players ,what is wrong with players,you choose tribe,go down with it ,nothing wrong with that at all,when they were 5 times bigger then us they were loving their attacks on us,now they want to join us,sorry this is war,no jumping sides when things go down,there is always new worlds ,but yes this world is done now ,SETO is rank 1 tribe now and just collecting IMP villages now until the end ,it was a good fight but IMP were not organized at all and they have been beaten in battle .


I think you may be getting ahead of yourself about winning the world. IMP might not be putting up much of a fight, but to the win the world you need 80% of the villages owned by the top 10 tribes. So that means you are at some point either going to have to take on LOD or merge to win. I think LOD might be a bit harder to overcome than the inactives of IMP.