Hello everyone, this is your worst nightmare and annoying guy, chahyunun.

I led EMR and other tribes to bitter end, and as I have predicted months ago, AVG won in a swift, watershed moment. I"d like to preach "I told you so" to many but know that I don't really care about trifle matters.

Thank you all for playing, and whilst there have been emotional distress, harsh words traded, and alliances made to be broken, traitors amongst friends, cowards, deserters, etc.

This is why we play Tribal wars, for its beauty of deception and diplomacy. No one is above anyone else, and you are what you want to be in this game. Age does not matter nor does your status.

I made lots of friends in this world and I continue to hope to keep the ties going.

I will not forget the members of EMR who was with me since the beginning. Special thanks to Sephyrx for making EMR possible and bower350 for co-leadership in her absence.

I remember you all, Pimphand, Annebonny, Titan7, Sephyrx, Bower350, hotrkist, members of LIFE, Kamose45, Alex0208, everyone who joined me from World 7, -TSF- and loyal members. You guys stuck through the worst moments and I am proud to have served alongside as always.

As for my enemies, Congratulations, and whilst I threw harsh words of insults and contradictory statements please do note that I say it out of spirit of competition. I knew AVG would win eventually evcen if it was some nobody tribe who barely made top 10, but such is TW2, as it's easier to USURP than to win from start to finish. We all have our own rl problems and interests. Tribal Wars 2 is not a game of casual or hardcore.. It is life itself. Because we can be ourselves, to get rid of our persona, I believe that Tribal wars 2 to be a game truly unique in its own rights.

Thank you my friends for playing, and until we meet again.,

Signing off,

chahyunun (John),