Competition: Race to 2000!



Dear Players,

Welcome to Tribal Wars 2. We thank you for joining us in this exciting new adventure. To get things started off right, we are going to do a contest! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get to 2000 points. Easy, right? We will give out six total prizes. Three for players who have used crowns to get there and three for those who have not used crowns. The rules are simple:
  • Post a screenshot of the rankings as soon as you reach 2000 points.
  • The winners will be selected based on who posts first, so if you reach the goal but do not post right away, you will lose out.
The prizes are:
1st to reach 2000 by using crowns: 1000 crown prize
1st to reach 2000 without using crowns: 1000 crown prize
2nd to reach 2000 by using crowns: 500 crown prize
2nd to reach 2000 without using crowns: 500 crown prize
3rd to reach 2000 by using crowns: 200 crown prize
3rd to reach 2000 without using crowns: 200 crown prize​

Easy, simple, and fun! Let the games begin!

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team


There already seem to be large players on the world , since when have they been playing ?


I'm sorry, but I can't see any large players. The first player on this world haves 87 points.

wys i wyg

I cant seem to log in to the new world ... I only have choices between "Castel Del Monte" and "Drachenfels"...


These are the worlds you play. To get to the new world you should log in with your details on the homepage, the log in button will be replaced by the Play button. You should click the play button and list of all worlds will appear.


I just Hit 2k points by building academy, my poitns still need to update, but hereby I claim the 1st prize using crowns, image with the points update will come soon.

Oh yes btw my ranks are bugged and the names are out of place somehow.


there you go :3


good job bengast, I see that you are world ranked number 1 now, way to go :D


I posted it for you now. But so you know for the future you should upload it to any third party site and just post a link.


Winners using Crowns:
1. bengast - 1000 crowns
2. dream tram - 500 crowns
3. SupremeKing - 200 crowns

Winners not using Crowns:
1. ihavenopants - 1000 crowns
2. dragonicia - 500 crowns
3. VipsX - 200 crowns

Congratulations to the winners, enjoy!


Yay, never thought I would get the 1k but yay me, time for some fun :'D and congratz to the rest :')