Calculating distance and unit time?


I thought this was easy but I have a difference when calculating travel times

            X              Y                XY
Vilage 1    536           633
Vilage 2    500           498
Distance   -36           -135             139.7176
This shows my first assumption I think XY is calculated as XY= SQRT(DistanceX ^2 + DistanceY ^2)

Am I good so far?

Now the rest should be Straightforward

Take the DistanceXY and multiply by the Unit speed

Spearman = DistanceXY * 14 (From wiki) = 1956.05 minits = 1:8:36:3

but my server (EN11 Kronborg) it comes to 1:4:34:41

That is not a huge difference but I don't like it... What am I doing wrong?


Perhaps you should take a look at this.
Tribal wars uses a hexagon grid instead of a square grid ;)
There is a distance calculator/attack planner which is quite useful for this purpose. Click here (note that it doesn't matter which world you pick because the calculation is based on coordinates anyway)