Biggest Battles (Vianden)


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Dear players,

This thread was created for you to publish either screenshots of attack reports that have been devastating or epic defenses reports on the realm Vianden. If you had big losses or defended yourself as an experienced player, you came to the right place!

Feel free to share images (screenshots) of the biggest battles that you had the chance to participate on. :cool:

Please note

• The goal of this thread is to create a friendly and interactive environment among the community users;
• Publishing any content regarding the thead's matter is allowed (battles - defense and attack reports);
• The forum rules are also applicable on this thread;
• In case you feel unconfortable with any post, please contact our support team so we can remove the content immediately, or simply use the report button on the left right corner of the post.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.